Richard Cabral Net Worth: How Rich Is American Crime Actor?

Mexican-American actor, producer, and writer Richard Cabral are best known for his work in the Golden Globe-nominated crime thriller “American Crime.” The one-time thug and ex-performance con were so well received that he went on to star in such hit shows as Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” and the “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff “Mayans M.C.,” which is quickly becoming a beloved television institution.

Cabral’s fiery persona and screen presence have landed him roles in a number of Hollywood films since the turn of the century. His “tender and genuine performances” help “add richness and three-dimensionality to some challenging characters,” as stated in a 2015 article on “” He has been called a “symbol of Latino perseverance” for his inspiring life story and ability to rise above a brutal upbringing.

What is the Net Worth of Richard Cabral in 2022?

Richard Cabral is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors and a fan favorite. According to the research we conducted using various sources Richard Cabral has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

Richard Cabral Net Worth

Early Life of Richard Cabral

Cabral was born on August 28, 1984, in East Los Angeles, a neighborhood of the city known for retaining its identity and resisting urbanization over time. His parents were both Mexican immigrants. When Cabral was just 2 years old, his father abandoned the family.

He grew up as an only child in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood notorious for its street gangs, drugs, and violence. The hard environment and people he was exposed to as an adolescent shaped him into a resilient and strong young man.

Cabral joined a gang in New Jersey when he was 13 and went to jail for stealing a wallet. He started using crack and meth at the young age of 15. Throughout the rest of his teenage years, he was frequently institutionalized, first in juvenile detention centers and later in adult prisons.

He used his free time to study for his GED, explore his interest in poetry and storytelling, try his hand at rap, and even form a band called “Baby Jokes.” Additionally, he was a father. He was only 20 years old when he and his friends went out drinking and ended up shooting a man, resulting in a 35-year sentence for “violent assault with a deadly weapon.”

A five-year sentence in prison left him with the stark realization that he needed to make a lasting change in his life or perish on the streets. Cabral spent a total of 27 months behind bars before he turned 25 and began looking for manual labor as soon as he was released.

He had a criminal record and an unprofessional demeanor, so employers avoided him. A few friends suggested I check out Homeboy Industries, a well-known Los Angeles gang intervention organization.

Homeboy has connections at Central Casting, so soon he’ll be washing dishes and making muffins by day and taking acting classes at the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio by night.

Richard Cabral: Career

Shortly after joining “Homeboy,” Cabral was cast in a non-speaking role of a Cuban thug in “CSI: Miami” after a casting director came to their location looking for “extras.” Quickly after, he was discovered by the producers of “Southland,” the 2009 NBC smash police drama starring “Academy Award” winner Regina King.

After narrowing the list of “Homeboy” inmates down to ten, King chose three to accompany him on a tour of “Warner Bros. Studios.” One of these young men was Cabral. Since that first audition, everything in his life has altered dramatically.

In 2010, he appeared briefly in Bruno Mars’ music video “Grenade,” and then he was cast as “Marcelo Valdez” in Chris Weitz’s Oscar-nominated drama “A Better Life” (2011).

Following this, he appeared in a flurry of blockbuster films, including “End of Watch” (2012) with Jake Gyllenhaal, “The Counselor” (2013) with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Michael Fassbender, “Snitch” (2013) with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Walk of Shame” (2014), and “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” (2015).

He made a number of guest-starring appearances between 2011 and 2014. TV programs like “Chicago Fire” (NBC), “Luck” (HBO), “Body of Proof” (ABC), and “Key & Peele” (CBS, Emmy-winning) included these. Aside from that, he was in a few minor productions as well.

The 2015 ABC drama “American Crime,” created by “Academy Award” winner John Ridley, featured his breakthrough performance. This persona has some startling parallels to Cabral’s own life.

In the pilot episode of “American Crime,” he portrayed the character Hector Tontz. He then appeared in Season 2 and Season 3 under the aliases “Sebastian De La Torre” and “Isaac Castillo,” respectively. He was nominated for an OFTA Television Award and a Primetime Emmy in 2015 for his work on “American Crime.”

The program also received a “Best Ensemble” nomination at the 2015 “Satellite Awards,” which he and the rest of the ensemble went on to win. He wrote and directed the shorts “In Varrio We Trust” (2014) and “Secret Love” (2015). (2015). (2016).

But shortly after that, he had a major role in Mel Gibson’s high-budget Hollywood action film “Blood Father.” Next, he was seen on Fox’s “Lethal Weapon,” a show about two police officers working together. The eight episodes he was in as “Detective Cruz” helped make him a household name in the United States.

His 2016 one-man show, “Fighting Shadows,” was written by him and Robert Egan. The episode focused on his life as a former gang member who had spent a significant portion of his adulthood behind bars. The show played for three weeks to a sold-out crowd in Los Angeles’ “The Rosenthal Theater.”

He then produced and starred in an episode of “Jesus and Moi” and his own Tarantino-inspired independent film, “Khali the Killer” (2017). Then in 2018, he had roles in “Peppermint,” starring Jennifer Garner, and the action thriller “Breaking In,” also with some success.

Cabral’s breakout role as “Coco” in the Mexican-American biker culture showcase “Mayans M.C.” was the most important event of 2018. A nominee for “Best Supporting Actor” at this year’s Critics’ Choice Television Awards, he delivered a strong performance.

In 2019, he had roles in both the Hulu 9/11 drama “Windows on the World” and the horror anthology “Into the Dark.” The pilot episode of “Throwbacks” was written by him, and his East LA thriller “Maze of Fate” is currently in post-production. Across four episodes of “Out the Box,” he served as director.

Richard Cabral’s Personal Life

Both of Cabral’s marriages ultimately failed. For his second time around, he tied the knot with fellow actress Janiece Sarduy on October 24, 2014. She and he broke up in June 2016, and he immediately filed for divorce and custody of their children.

The twin daughters of Sarduy and Cabral are named Adalyn and Bella Cabral. In 2013, the formerly incarcerated man was honored with the “Lo Maximo” award. Only recipients who have made a significant personal or community impact are selected for this honor.

Cabral’s one-man show and the indie film “Khali the Killer” were both produced by his company, Lineage Entertainment Group. Lineage hosts a monthly poetry slam in Montebello, California.

Instead of a detailed description of his time spent in jail or on the streets, complete with all the gritty details, his autobiography, “Vida,” which he published, uses poetry to explore his very intimate experiences.

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