Rick Scott Criticised Joe Biden for Vacationing in Delaware- While on a Yacht in Italy

Rick Scott Criticised Joe Biden: Representing Florida in the Senate is Rick Scott. He leads the Republicans in the Senate and identifies as a Republican. So, in addition to the usual responsibilities of a Senator, Rick is also expected to smear Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats constantly. It’s okay if you feel that way. That’s how politics works. Recently, though, Rick Scott launched a clump of muck that backfired in a limited way.

If you’re going to single out a person because they went to Delaware for a vacation, then Do not send the Tweet while relaxing on a beautiful yacht off the Italian coast. Axios, a news website, reported on Wednesday that Rick Scott posted the aforementioned critical Tweet about vacations when he was on vacation himself, sailing the Mediterranean near Italy on a lavish yacht. The extravagant trip that Scott took was confirmed to Axios by three separate sources.

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Considering Rick Scott‘s wealth, this Tweet backfire is particularly rich. According to the most current financial declarations (members of Congress reveal a vast and fluctuating range of their net worths in annual filings), Rick Scott is the richest person in Congress, surpassing the second-place individual by about $100 million.

Rick served as the CEO of healthcare giant Columbia/HCA before getting into politics. Once upon a time, Columbia/HCA dominated the US healthcare industry as the leading private corporation. The FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Health and Human Services all conducted raids at Columbia/HCA in 1997.

When all was said and done, the firm was found guilty of fraud against Medicare, Medicaid, and several other federal programs. When Rick resigned as CEO after the raid, he took $300 million in stock with him. Rick invoked the Fifth Amendment 75 times during his deposition in the year 2000. In the end, Columbia/HCA admitted to 14 felonies and paid fines totaling $1.7 billion.

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Rick and his wife spent $11.5 million buying a mansion on Naples Beach, Florida’s Gulf Coast that was 17,000 square feet in size, and that was in 2003. A $30 million price tag has been placed on this house as of recent… Similar properties in Florida have sold for as much as $40 million, so the right buyer in the right market might increase that to $50 million. Rick Scott has a net worth of between $166 and $355 million, as on his most recent financial report.

Many people considered Joe Biden to be one of the poorest members of Congress for many years until he became Vice President in 2008. It is estimated that Joe Biden‘s net worth was $1.5 million when he left office as Vice President in 2016. Biden has recently revealed that he is worth $9 million. He has amassed most of his income through the sale of talks and royalties/advances on his books. Joe and Jill Biden made $17 million between when he left the White House and when he declared his campaign for president.

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