Risk Of Rain 2 Pc Requirements: What Are Its Secrets?

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About Risk Of Rain 2

The popular action roguelike Risk of Rain 2 is produced by Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing. The game is now officially launched after being a part of Steam’s Early Access programme since March 2019. This is the opportunity that many seasoned players have been waiting for, and newbies may find it intriguing. But once more, is the rain worth the risk? Absolutely.

Typically, I would begin by talking about the plot of the game. But Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t necessarily have a compelling storyline. Players are, at best, dumped into a dangerous, strange environment where they can run into new people or learn cosmic mysteries.

In terms of development, the “narrative” is very different. There were “mysteries” about the content that players would see, but frequently, player feedback is taken into account, such as which survivors (characters) are included in the game.

Risk Of Rain 2 Pc Requirements

CPU: AMD FX-8350 and Intel Core i3-6100
CPU SPEED: 4 GB Information RAM
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
GeForce GTX 580 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 video card
Dedicated Video RAM: 1536 MB, PIXEL SHADER: 5.0, and VERTEX SHADER: 5.0

2 Recommended Requirements for Rain Risk

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel Core i5-4670K CPU SPEED: Information
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 video card
Dedicated Video RAM: 2048 MB, PIXEL SHADER: 5.0, and VERTEX SHADER: 5.0

Risk of Rain 2‘s secrets

And if that’s not enough, you should be aware that Risk of Rain 2 is chock-full of mysteries. Even more prerequisites must be met in order to access the characters I specified.  As an illustration, REX mandates that you carry a Fuel Array from the first stage all the way up to a particular fourth level (and you might get a different location due to RNG factors).

You must enter a hidden area called the Bazaar Between Time, where Acrid is located, to purchase uncommon items for Lunar Coins.  You’ll need to find a route to the Void Fields (another zone) from here and finish the encounters there.

Risk Of Rain 2 Pc Requirements

source: pcgamebenchmark

There are more secrets to discover and new opportunities can arise when there are several levels. For instance, discovering a gold portal places you in battle with the enormous Aurelionite. You might wish to start exploring Artifacts in a subsequent game of Risk of Rain 2, another mechanic that adds modifications.

At the end of the line

In Risk of Rain 2, your adventure could have a number of different outcomes. There’s the unsuccessful run where you made hardly any progress, as usual. Even though you get to keep any Lunar Coins you find, you must start over with new gold, character levels, and gear.

But as it’s a roguelike, you’ll see that even seemingly insignificant actions can have big effects, like unlocking a new character or just their loadout/new talents. Reaching the obelisk, an alien building that enables your character to “obliterate” oneself, is one of the possible outcomes (obtaining a new skin).

Alternatively, you can have a special item with you when you get to the obelisk and wind up in a different area where you have to engage an enemy. Nevertheless, Risk of Rain 2 now has a second “ending” that can be reached by going to the Moon (a new level) and defeating the game’s alleged final boss.

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