Robbie Coltrane Net Worth: The Actor Who Played Hagrid in Harry Potter Dies At 72 Years Old  

Actor Robbie Coltrane, known for his role as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, died on Friday, October 14. He had lived a whole life of 72 years when he passed away. Coltrane passed away in a Larbert, Scotland, hospital. The actor had some health problems over the previous two years. However, it is unknown if his health problems ultimately led to his death.

Coltrane was well-known for more than just his role as Hagrid; he also appeared in such films as GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough, Mona Lisa, Nuns on the Run, Henry V, Let It Ride, Ocean’s Twelve, and many more. Animated features such as The Tale of Despereaux and Brave included his voiceover work.

Besides his role as Hagrid, Coltrane is well-known for his roles in films such as GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough, Mona Lisa, Nuns on the Run, Henry V, Let It Ride, Ocean’s Twelve, and many more. The Tale of Despereaux and Brave are only two of the animated features that feature his voice work.

What is the Net Worth of Robbie Coltrane?

After a successful career as a Scottish actor, playwright, and comedian, Robbie Coltrane passed away in October 2022 with a net worth of $4 million. Robbie Coltrane, a Scotsman born in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, in 1950, attended Glenalmond College and played rugby there before continuing to the Glasgow School of Art and the Moray House College of Education. Beginning in his early 20s, Coltrane made his acting debut in “There’s “The Comic Strip Presents,” “A Kick Up the Eighties,” “Alfresco,” and “Laugh??? My License Fees Are So Close! “. Appearances in “Flash Gordon,” “Krull,” “Defence of the Realm,” “Absolute Beginners,” “Mona Lisa,” and “The Fruit Machine” marked his foray into the film industry in the early 1980s.
He first played the role of Samuel Johnson in “Blackadder” in 1987, and he reprised it in “Boswell and Johnson’s Tour of the Western Islands” in 1993. Coltrane’s performance as Dr. Edward Fitzgerald on the 1990s television series “Cracker” garnered him three BAFTA Awards. Before getting the role of Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” series, he appeared in “GoldenEye,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “From Hell.” Author J.K. Rowling chose Coltrane specifically for the role. He was ranked number 11 on ITV’s list of the top 50 television personalities. By 1999, Coltrane had tied the knot with Rhona Gemmell. They raised two kids as a couple. Robbie Coltrane passed away on October 14, 2022, at 72.
Robbie Coltrane Net Worth

Robbie Coltrane Biography

An educator and pianist named Jean Ross Howie and a general practitioner and forensic police surgeon named Ian Baxter McMillan had a son named Anthony Robert McMillan. In Rutherglen, Scotland, on March 30, 1950, was where Coltrane first entered this world. Jean Ross Howie and Ian Baxter McMillan were his parents. His older sister was named Annie, while his younger sister was named Jane. The Scottish businessman Thomas W. Howie was Coltrane’s great-grandfather, and Forbes Howie, Coltrane’s uncle, was also a successful businessman.

He started his education at Belmont House School in Newton Mearns before moving to the prestigious independent Glenalmond College in Perthshire. He was a member of the school’s First XV rugby team, headed the debating society, and won awards for his artwork despite his later description of his time there as “extremely unpleasant.” Coltrane was made fun of for “having an accent like Prince Charles” during his time at Glasgow School of Art after graduating from Glenalmond. After being dubbed “Lord Fauntleroy,” he swiftly shed his posh accent. After that, he continued his education at what is now the University of Edinburgh’s Moray House College of Education in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As “Red Robbie,” Coltrane became an outspoken public school education proponent. He joined activist groups like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Labour Party, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as an act of defiance against his conservative background.

The Early life of Robbie Coltrane

Anthony Robert McMillan, the future Coltrane, was born on March 30, 1950, in Rutherglen, Scotland, to the piano instructor and composer Jean Ross Howie and general practitioner and forensic police surgeon Ian Baxter McMillan. They were his older sister Annie and younger sister, Jane. Thomas W. Howie, a Scottish businessman, was Coltrane’s great-grandfather, and Forbes Howie, Thomas’s nephew, was Coltrane’s uncle.

At first, he attended Belmont House School in Newton Mearns, and then he transferred to Glenalmond College, a private institution in Perthshire. In retrospect, he calls his time there “very unpleasant,” but he was a member of the school’s First XV rugby team, debate club president, and art award winner. He attended the Glasgow School of Art to hone his painting skills.

Coltrane, having been raised in a conservative household, became involved with Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Labour Party, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, among other progressive causes, and eventually advocated for the elimination of private schools.

Robbie Coltrane: Personal Life

Coltrane first met Rhona Gemmell in the late ’80s. Spencer (born in 1992) and Alice were the couple’s offspring (b. 1998). After getting married in 1999, Coltrane and Gemmell divorced in 2003.

In his final years, Coltrane was plagued by osteoarthritis. In 2016, he reported being in “continuous discomfort all day,” In 2019, he began using a wheelchair.

While speaking at a Scottish Labour gathering on Scottish independence in February 2005, Coltrane made the following remarks: “The situation is extremely intricate. Eventually, I might see myself supporting independence for Scotland; however, that independence could only be supported by a Labour government in Scotland. It would be folly to instantly throw away the many benefits of being a part of the United Kingdom, and many people have said things like, “I have no time for the nationalists; all they can do is split the vote for home rule and let the Tories in.”

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