Robert Garza: Murderer on Death Row Who Snores Before Being Executed by Injection

The murderer of four bartenders in a gun ambush snored throughout his execution.

Although it had been 11 years since the hit, 30-year-old Robert Garza was executed by lethal injection due to mistaken identity.

Garza blew a kiss to his loved ones as he entered the execution chamber and declared his undying affection for them.

I realize this is tough for you,” he continued. In other words, it’s not simple. A declaration of freedom, if you will. All of you may stop moping about and get on with your lives.

He drew several deep breaths in a coma while strapped on a gurney and injected with deadly chemicals.

In a few minutes, he had settled into a deep snore. This past day, he was proclaimed dead after being taken ill at Huntsville Prison in Texas.Robert Garza

In 2002, he and two other men were ordered to murder a barmaid in Donna, South Texas, after she testified against their employer in another case and sent him to prison.

The males trailed the six women in their car as they made their way to their communal residence. They shot at them for 60 seconds, killing four of them. The actual prey had lingered to make sure the bar was locked.

Garza said he was present but not involved, yet the evidence pointed to him as the leader.

“In all probability, he was a shooter,” the prosecution stated.

After ten years behind bars, he became the twelfth person to be put to death in Texas in 2018.

His supposed sidekicks are on death row for another hit.

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