Rocket League Season 9: Whats Is New In The Ninth Season

It’s warm! It’s chilly. Rocket League Season 9: The world of Rocket League has changed again. This time, the dragons from the Forbidden Temple have come back to life. It forces us to move from Season 8’s underground to Season 9’s unpredictable world.

What is Rocket League

Rocket League is a video game that combines car racing, sports games, and gladiator battles. To put it simply, it’s a game of football between rocket-powered cars. Battle-cars are these vehicles that can be changed to look like anything from souped-up racers to famous cars like the Batmobile. Players use their battle-cars to do tricks, set off explosions, and turn on “boosts” that help them hit the ball and score.

This game has a PEGI rating of 3, which means it is good for all ages. Kids, teens, and adults all like it. You can play Rocket League on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Cross-platform play is also available, so people who own different consoles can play this game with their friends. Rocket League Sideswipe is the name of the mobile game.

You might be curious about how your child or teen knows about Rocket League. Even if they have never played it or can’t play games on their devices, streamers are becoming almost as popular as the platform itself. There are a lot of YouTubers and Twitch streamers who post videos of themselves playing Rocket League. They rate and review new features, give viewers tips and tricks, and promote popular players. Remember that even if your child doesn’t play Rocket League or other games, they could still be getting access to in-game content through someone else’s videos. You might want to ask the kids in your care which streamers they pay attention to.

Rocket league season 9:The new Emperor on the battlefield

With Rocket Pass for Season 9, the Emperor Car will be added to the track. With the Rocket Pass Premium, you can choose between two different versions of the muscle car with the powerful Breakout Hitbox.

Emperor is available right away with Rocket Pass Premium. Emperor II is an upgraded version of the Emperor that can be unlocked by working through the Tiers.

Rocket League Season 9:

Source: realsport101

In the Pro Tiers, there will also be two more Special Edition versions of the Emperor.

Emperor II: Frozen is the Emperor II in a frozen state.
Emperor II: Scorched – The Scorched version of the Emperor II
A new goal for changing the world takes off.
In Rocket League, goal explosions are almost the best thing. With Season 9, we’ll get to see two new Goal Explosions that celebrate your epic goal:

At Tier 95, Brimstone Goal Explosion could be used.
At Tier 115, Ice Age Goal Explosion could be used.

Also, Psyonix has decided to bring back the fun mechanics of Season 5’s Cosmosis Goal Explosion. When you score a goal, the whole arena will be covered in fire or ice.

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The best and most popular stickers

This season, we’ll get to see a lot of cool Items that came from the Rocket Pass. The items fit with the theme of ice and fire, and there will be a storm on the field for sure. They are also bringing back some of the rewards from the Dragon Banner Season in 2017.
Constella Decal Piercer: Crystalized Wheels, Inspired by the Stars
Forerunner: Roasted Wheels Ice Drake

The weather changes in the Forbidden Temple.

The Forbidden Temple has no doubt been a place where many stories have been told. Now that the elemental dragons are fighting, we can use the Forbidden Temple as a new arena (Fire & Ice). Players will be able to go back to the familiar arena and see how the dragons have destroyed it in a beautiful way, with one side covered in permafrost and the other in molten lava.

Prizes for Tournaments

If you haven’t tried the daily tournaments yet, the rewards for the tournaments this season should be enough to convince you. There will be benefits like:

Antenna for Seared Trail Fireball Boost Oil Can
Scale Fire Clap Goal Explosion Skulking
The coolest and hottest Events are coming up
Psyonix has also said that two events will be back for Season 9. The full schedule of events hasn’t been released yet, but the elemental theme makes it clear that it will be fun. These things will happen again:
Fire Drake Player Banners
Forbidden The temperature changes in Temple.

How does it work

Players must sign up for an Epic Games account before they can play Rocket League (the same account used to play popular game Fortnite). Once their account has been checked out, they can start playing.

Rocket League is a game where you play against other people (similar to Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone). Each game lasts five minutes, and each team has up to four players. If the game is tied, sudden death is used (first team to score wins). Duel (1v1), Double (2v2), Standard (3v3), and Chaos (4v4) are the standard game modes (4v4).

All of these can be played online, where people from different devices can play together, or locally, where only one person plays at a time (where multiple players using a single device play together). Gamers can play for fun or as part of a competition (players are ranked on a tier and promoted or demoted depending on performance). There are also modes in the game called “Mutators” that let players play other sports, like basketball and hockey, but these don’t change the main goal of the game.

Is it no cost?

At the moment, Rocket League is “free to play.” This means that you can play the game and get some items for free, but you have to pay for premium features. With these premium purchases, players can get rarer items that can be used to customise their experience. If a player wants to buy something in the Rocket League store, they need “Credits,” which is the in-game currency. There are 500 (£3.92) and 6500 (£39.30) of these in a bundle. Gamers can trade with each other, but there are rules about trading across platforms that can make it hard to do so.

A player has the chance to get a “blueprint” after playing a match. This is a free collectible that shows them an item they can “build” (unlock) for a certain number of credits. Players can build the item, trade the blueprint with other players, or save the blueprint for later. These blueprints are an attempt to replace loot boxes, which are treasure chests in games that hold random items of unknown value.

What are the biggest dangers

Our experts on online safety found that most parents and caregivers think Rocket League is a fun and safe game for their kids and teens to play. There are, however, a few things that could make risks happen.

Bullying and trolling: A Persuasive Design
Emotional Reactivity in Cross-Platform Communication
Age Verification
Parental Controls

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