Ryan Leone Cause of Death: What Age Did He Pass Away?

We are very sorry to inform you that American drug dealer Ryan Harrison Leone passed away on Saturday, July 2, 2022. His semi-autobiographical addiction novel Wasting Talent is what made him most famous. You will learn the cause of his passing in this post.

What is Ryan Leone’s Cause of Death?

Ryan Leone Cause of Death
Ryan Leone Cause of Death

At the young age of 36, Ryan Leone passed away. Ryan Leone posted a health update on Facebook on June 29. He claimed to have visited the hospital:

“I broke my finger. Then, completely unrelated, I went to the hospital twice in a week. First time they told me I had pneumonia. I got a second opinion. No pneumonia.”

“This is respiratory and gastrointestinal issues stemming from being on way too much Methadone 170 mgs!! My stomach becomes so bloasted it feels like some rapid ever-expanding Willy Wonka inflated sanction.”

His statement is contained in the following post:

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How Did Ryan Leone’s Loved Ones Pay Tribute to Him?

His fiancée Karina Franco announced his passing on Facebook. She described herself as being in astonished by the post. She uttered:

“I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m in a state of shock. But a lot of you need to know. Ryan, passed away last night. I Feel like my heart and soul have been ripped out. And I’m sorry for posting this. But this is my way of telling you. I don’t have the strength to call people.”

She has written about it in the post below, which you may read:

One user wrote, “Fly high Ryan Leone you don’t have to suffer anymore god bless his family.”

Another user wrote, “Take your time, you have now all the time in the world. Rest in peace, wherever you are Ryan Leone.”

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