Sally Lapointe Collaborates With Celebrity Tattoo Artist Jonboy

A tattoo might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of high fashion, but designer Sally LaPointe is changing that perception with her groundbreaking new collection of tattoo-inspired garments.

Her high-end label, LAPOINTE, is known for its vivid hues, bold silhouettes, and matching sets; the latest collection, the label’s first collaboration, adds a new spin on this signature style with the help of celebrity tattoo artist Jonathan “JONBOY” Valena.

Although the high fashion and tattooing industries couldn’t be more different from one another, LaPointe and JONBOY share many similarities, such as a long list of A-list clients (including It girl and supermodel Hailey Bieber) and a mutual appreciation for one another’s work. “LAPOINTE’s SS17 runway show was the very first show I ever got to see at New York Fashion Week!” To divide and conquer, JONBOY did. When I first started reading her books, I was blown away, and I had no idea that one day she would ask me to design a tattoo for her. We’ve become very good friends ever since.”

The same could be said for LaPointe and her cherished tattoo artist. The designer went on to say, “I have many of Jon’s tattoos, and our [LAPOINTE] SS17 show was the first fashion show he ever attended; it was the most natural of pairings.”

LaPointe carefully chose her collaborator because this is the brand’s first collaboration with another artist. To achieve this “natural” feeling, she concluded that “working with a friend felt like the right way to start.”

Sally Lapointe Collaborates With Celebrity Tattoo Artist Jonboy

Conboy is widely regarded as a pioneer of the “tiny tattoo” movement; his body of work consists of delicate, minimalist tattoos that often make reference to faith. Celebrities like G-Eazy, Emily Ratajkowski, Travis Scott, Post Malone, the Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie, and of course the Biebs have all sported his work.

The tattoo artist drew on his knowledge and experience to design the LAPOINTE X JONBOY line, which features minimalistic yet stylish artwork. What was the spark? New York City, of course, was where JONBOY relocated his mainstream music career after spending many years in the Midwest.

The artist has said, “I wanted to create designs that reflect my passion and tell the story of my relationship with New York City, a city that continues to surprise me with what’s around the corner and a city that constantly challenges me.”

With deep feelings, both LaPointe and JONBOY talk about how much they adore New York City. And I hope our friends and followers fall in love with this special collection that my friend Sally and I collaborated on,” JONBOY continued, “because New York has my heart.” The designer added, “Jon and I both love New York, which is what ultimately inspired the capsule collection.” I cherish every single one of these objects.

The collection also features a touching personal connection between the two authors beyond their shared past and friendship. This was not only LAPOINTE’s first-ever partnership but also LaPointe’s first time working as a fashion photographer, as she shot the entire lookbook for the capsule collection.

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