Santa Cruz County Road Washed Away, Cutting Off Up to 300 People

Up to 300 people of a tiny village in Santa Cruz County, California, were reportedly trapped early Friday morning when a big portion of the main access road collapsed due to an atmospheric storm that dumped rain throughout California.

North Main Street in Soquel is the only route leading to the residential streets to the north, which include Prescott, Glen Haven, Lagunita, and Cherryville.

Alex Sandoval, the road superintendent for the Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works, stated, “There is no other way out.” “The only way out for everyone living above the devastation is to traverse private property.” At approximately 2:00 a.m. on Friday, the roaring Bates Creek, a tributary of Soquel Creek, severed a 50-by-50-foot section of the roadway, according to Sandoval.

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Sandoval stated that it is “difficult to pinpoint exactly what happened,” but the most likely explanation is that logs and debris clogged the culvert on Bates Creek, causing water to overflow onto the road. “As the road becomes saturated with water, material begins to move,” he remarked. The amount of water flowing down that creek was enormous.

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