Savannah Mother Charged With Her Missing Son’s Murder

Savannah Mother Charged With Her Missing Son’s Murder: On October 5th, 22-year-old Leilani Simon reported that her kid, who was 20 months old at the time, was missing. Authorities in Savannah, Georgia, stated on Monday that the mother of a child named Quinton Simon who had been reported missing was charged with his murder after his bones were discovered in a landfill.

The Mother of a Kid Who Went Missing From Savannah Has Been Charged With His Murder

On Monday, the authorities in Savannah, Georgia, announced that the mother of a child named Quinton Simon, who had been reported missing, had been charged with her son’s murder after the skeletal remains of her child were found in a garbage can. The child had been reported missing earlier in the week. It was on Friday before that a report of the child’s disappearance was found to have been made.

Leilani Simon, who was 22 years old at the time, released a statement on October 5 in which she claimed that her child, who was 20 months old at the time, had gone missing. A week later, the Chatham County police announced that they had grounds to believe that Quinton had passed away, and the authorities named the boy’s mother as the primary suspect in the investigation into the boy’s disappearance.

The investigation into the boy’s disappearance began when the boy was reported missing by his mother. In addition, the authorities have designated the boy’s father as a second suspect in the inquiry into the boy’s disappearance.

Simon has been charged with murder with malice, concealing the death of another person, fraudulent reporting, and making false statements, as stated by the accusations made by the Chatham County police. It is said that allegations similar to these have been made against Simon. These accusations are all associated with the same event that took occurred in the past.

Based on the statements that were made by the police, it appears that they do not anticipate making any other arrests in addition to the arrest of Simon.

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Savannah Mother Charged With Her Missing Son's Murder
On October 18, the police announced that they had a suspicion that Quinton’s body had been dumped in a dumpster, and officials announced that a search was being conducted for his remains at the nearby landfill. The police also stated that they had a suspicion that the body had been dumped in the dumpster by an unknown person. In addition, the police stated that they had a hunch that Quinton’s corpse had been thrown away in the garbage and that they were investigating this possibility.

The police also indicated that they had a suspect that Quinton’s body had been thrown away, and they disclosed that they had this assumption. They believed that Quinton’s body had been deposited in a garbage can. The official investigation lasted for a period of thirty days, during which time it is believed that searchers searched through a total of 1.2 million pounds of waste.

According to the police report, on Friday, people searching through waste found what are thought to be human remains. These bones were uncovered by people searching through the garbage. DNA testing is presently being performed on the remains in order to determine whether or not they belong to Quinton.

“The working circumstances were tough and perilous,” the police agency said in a statement that was published to the public. The statement went on to explain that the people searching for Quinton were well aware that there was an exceedingly little chance that they would find him. [There is probably more than one citation for this] According to the historical statistics that were collected by the FBI, effective searches of landfills are carried out much less than five percent of the time.

Jeff Hadley, the Chief of Police for the Chatham County Police Department, has stated that his organization is “indebted to the numerous law enforcement and public service groups who assisted in this search.”

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