Scottie Pippen Net Worth 2022: How Much Is the Former NBA Champion Worth?  

Scottie Pippen Net Worth: Former NBA star and Chicago Bulls guard Maurice Pippen is a Scottish-American. He played for the legendary Chicago Bulls club that captured six NBA championships. Pippen, along with Michael Jordan, was instrumental in expanding basketball’s global reach and cementing the Bulls’ place in history.

Pippen, widely considered one of the greatest small forwards of all time, has appeared in the NBA All-Star Game seven times and won the Most Valuable Player award once. In addition, he has been honored by being named to the NBA All-NBA First Team on three separate occasions, as well as the NBA All-NBA Second Team on two separate occasions and the NBA All-NBA Third Team on two separate occasions.

The Arkansas native participated in two US Olympic teams that won gold, in 1992 and 1996. A basketball player has never before accomplished winning both the NBA title and an Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year twice, but he did it.

After 12 years with the Bulls, Pippen played for another 4 with the Trail Blazers and 1 with the Rockets during his 17-year professional career. It was in 1997, the year the NBA turned 50, when Pippen, a two-time inductee of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, was recognized as one of the league’s 50 Greatest Players.

Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Scottie Pippen, a former NBA star from the United States, has amassed a wealth of $20 million since his retirement. Scottie Pippen played for the NBA for a total of 17 seasons. During that time, just his pay brought in $109 million. He made tens of millions more from endorsements.

All told, Scottie Pippen played with the Chicago Bulls for nine seasons. He was an integral part of the Bulls’ record-setting 72-win season in 1995-96 and their six NBA titles that year. He was named Most Valuable Player of the NBA All-Star Game in 1994 and made the All-NBA Team seven times.

Due to his selection as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History during the 1996–97 season, the Chicago Bulls retired his jersey along with those of three other players. Only Pippen won both the NBA title and the Olympic gold medal in the same year (1992, 1996).

Salary Highlights

Scottie Pippen’s name often comes up in discussions of the lowest salary ever paid to an NBA player. There is some truth to that, but it’s also partially inaccurate. Before the 1991 season, Scottie signed a 7-year, $18 million contract extension.

Thus, at the height of the Bulls, when Michael Jordan was being paid $30 million or more yearly, Scottie was paid $2.6 million. Later, he would explain that he did it to safeguard his loved ones. He was the twelfth of thirteen children, and his family was so destitute that his brother and father both used wheelchairs.

Eventually, Pippen would become dissatisfied with this deal. He signed the deal under duress and then felt he owed another extension. It’s worth noting that Scottie finished his NBA career with a higher salary than Michael did ($94 million vs. $109 million).

The bulk of his career earnings came from a five-year, $67.2 million contract he signed with the Houston Rockets before the 1998–1999 season. By returning to the Bulls for his final two seasons, he was able to earn an extra $10 million.

Real Estate

Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa bought a 10,000-square-foot home on 2.6 acres in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park for $2.225 million. Scottie put it up for sale in 2016 for $3.1 million. After three years on the market, he dropped the asking price to $1.899 million.

Constructed in 2003, the mansion boasts six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a home theater, a sauna, a game room, a brick wine cellar, and an indoor basketball court with a photo of Scottie Pippen’s Chicago Bulls jersey inlaid into the floor.

Pippen previously owned a mansion in South Florida, the estimated valuation of which ranged from $16 million in 2010 to an even higher figure now. At one time, the home could be rented out for $40,000.

Scottie Pippen Early Life

Scottie Pippen was born on September 25, 1965, in Hamburg, Arkansas, as the youngest of Ethel and Preston Pippen’s 12 children. Preston was 6 feet, 1 inch tall, and Ethel was also 6 feet tall; all of their children are tall, with Scottie being the highest at 6 feet, 8 inches.

Preston used to work in a paper mill before he suffered a stroke that crippled his right side. His mobility and ability to express himself were severely impaired. His passing was recorded on May 10th, 1990. Pippen’s passion for the game of basketball developed at an early age.

As a kid, he always wanted to make the shot that would win the NBA Finals in overtime. He played basketball for the Hamburg Lions while at Hamburg High School.

Despite his great high school record, no college scouts were interested in him, so he enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. From 1983–1987, he was a member of the Central Arkansas Bears basketball team, where he started 93 games and put up 17.2 points on average.

Scottie Pippen Personal Life

Scottie Pippen has been married twice. His first wife, Karen McCollum, was the lucky recipient of his vows in 1988. To them came a boy in 1987, and he named him Antron. After divorcing in 1990, he wed Larsa Younan in 1997. They have four children: Scottie Jr., Sophia, Justin, and Preston. Taylor and Sierra are Pippen’s children from previous relationships.

Pippen often portrays himself in films and television shows. Many songs make reference to either the Bulls, the Dream Team, or Pippin himself. An abundance of books has been written about him as well.

Scottie Pippen Career

After Scottie Pippen declared his eligibility for the 1987 NBA Draft, the Seattle SuperSonics picked him as the fifth overall pick. They then sent him to the Bulls in exchange for Olden Polynice and selections in the upcoming draft. On his NBA debut against the Philadelphia 76ers on November 7, 1987, he scored 10 points, had 2 steals, dished out 4 assists, and grabbed 1 board to propel the Bulls to a season-opening victory.

As a rookie in the NBA, he appeared in 79 games and put up 7.9 points per contest. In 1988–1989, he played in 73 games and started 56 of them. He averaged 14.4 points per game. Jordan, a seasoned player on the squad who was also a rookie at the time, mentored the Arkansas native.

The next year, Pippen had a breakthrough season that earned him a spot on the NBA All-Star Team. At the turn of the century, he emerged as one of the league’s brightest young forward prospects. Throughout the 1990–91 season, Bulls head coach Phil Jackson made smart use of Pippen’s talents to get the most out of him and the club.

Pippen was the primary defensive stopper for the Bulls and a vital part of Jackson’s triangle attack. During the 1990–91 season, he started all 82 games and scored 17.8 points per game. He continued his stellar play into the playoffs. He scored an average of 21.6 points per game as the Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to earn the franchise’s first NBA title.

To win their first three games in a row, the Bulls needed him to perform well. He scored 21.0 points per game during the regular season of 1991–1992 and 19.5 points in 22 playoff games. The championship game ended in a 4-2 score in favor of the Chicago Bulls over the Portland Trail Blazers.

In 1992–1993, he scored 18.6 points per game during the regular season and 20.1 in the playoffs. In the NBA Finals, Jordan led the Bulls to a 4-2 victory over Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns. Numerous changes were made to the Bulls’ roster in preparation for the 1993–1994 season as a direct result of Jordan’s first retirement.

In his absence, Pippen had to step up as team captain, and he did it admirably. During the regular season, he scored a career-high 22.0 points per game, which was essential in the team’s playoff run. The third game of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the New York Knicks was his most controversial performance.

When down 2-0 in the series, the Bulls knew they had to win Game 3 to keep their playoff hopes alive. Jackson designed a playbook in which Pippen would be responsible for inbounding the ball and Toni Kuko would get the final possession. After leading the team all season without Jordan, Pippen was understandably upset by the suggestion.

He stayed on the bench and refused to go. After Kuko made his jump shot and the Bulls won, Jackson was seen walking off the court looking downcast. Steve Kerr, who was coaching the Bulls when Pippen was a member of the club, remarked that Pippen was typically a team player and questioned what had gotten into him that day.

In the Bulls’ second season without Jordan, Pippen appeared in 79 games and averaged 21 points per game. After he led the team back to the playoffs, they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. The Bulls were able to build a squad around their three great players—Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dennis Rodman—before the 1995–96 season by acquiring Dennis Rodman, a two-time NBA champion.

In the regular season, they went 72-10, which was a record for wins in the NBA at the time. Pippen averaged 19.4 points per game in 77 appearances during the 1995–96 season. He played in 18 postseason games, averaging 16.9 points per contest, and his club won their fourth NBA title.

Pippen was an integral part of the Bulls’ success during the next two years, helping the team win a second straight triple-double. He hurt his foot in the Eastern Conference semifinals of the 1997 playoffs, but he played through it to help the Bulls win the NBA Finals opener against the Utah Jazz.

The Bulls went on to win that game, 4-2. In 1998, the Bulls won the NBA Finals again, this time against the Utah Jazz, to complete their treble. For the 1998–1999 NBA season, Pippen was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Portland Trail Blazers. He stayed with the Blazers for four years.

After 11 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, in which he played 1,178 games and scored 16.1 points per game on average, he retired in 2004. He appeared in 208 postseason games, scoring 17.5 points per contest on average.

International Career

Scottie Pippen was a member of both of the gold-medal American basketball teams. When the United States sent a basketball team to the Olympic Games in 1992, it was known as the “Dream Team,” and he was a member of that team. In addition to Pippen’s teammate Jordan, the delegation included Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, and others.

They breezed through the competition, capturing the gold medal by beating Croatia by an average of 44 points. During the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, nothing was altered. While Jordan and Bird had already exited the game, Pippen and Barkley were still playing.

The “Dream Team 3” squad ended up beating Yugoslavia and taking home the gold medal. Pippen played for the Sundsvall Dragons of Sundsvall, Sweden, and the Torpan Pojat of Helsinki, Finland until declaring his retirement in 2008.

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