What We Know About Serena Williams Plastic Surgery? See The Truth

As one of the best female tennis players ever, Serena Williams has been at the top of her game for quite some time. Because of her positive example for young women and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she is also well-regarded. Being in the public glare all the time as a model begs the intriguing question of whether or not the American star has ever discussed her use of plastic surgery.

Serena William’s Plastic Surgery

The tennis icon is constantly the subject of gossip, but Serena has yet to officially address the rumors.

The author of The Adventures of Qai Qai has revealed the methods she uses to maintain her radiant complexion. Serena uses unconventional treatments, such as eye cream, to ensure her skin stays hydrated and free of dry patches.

“Sometimes when I’m traveling, I even put this on my face because I feel like whatever you’re using under your eye is, like, super moisturizing and it could work for the whole face,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019. “That’s why I don’t have a lot left. It means I need to order some more.”

Is Serena’s Nose Reshaped?

Is Serena's Nose Reshaped

Serena Williams appeared on the cover of Hamptons Magazine in 2010. Even though she was more beautiful than ever, her nose had transformed. The fact that her nose appeared narrower than usual sparked allegations that she had cosmetic surgery.

Some publications have gone to her defense, stating that make-up may have been used to get this impression without her going under the knife, but Serena has not commented on these assertions.

The athlete has not addressed the question of whether or not she has had rhinoplasty. You can evaluate for yourself by glancing at her old and new images.

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She Has Reportedly Received Br*ast and B*tt Implants

There have been rumors that Serena Williams has had br*ast and b*tt implants, in addition to the rumor that she has had a nose job. In 2015, her br*asts began to look fuller and perkier than they had in the past, sparking rumors that she had implants.

At the same time, reports started spreading that her b*tt had gotten larger and more pronounced. Comparisons of her before-and-after images did little to dispel rumors that the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles had undergone plastic surgery on herself.

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