Serena Williams Pregnant: Her Reaction to the Wozniacki Pregnancy News!

Fans noticed that Serena Williams’s golden dress had a “baby bump” when she walked down the runway as the opening model for Vogue World during New York Fashion Week.

“Is she pregnant???” another questioned. “Is that a baby bump I see? Yes, your Majesty! “A different supporter of the team voiced their opinion. However, these responses are merely conjectures. As of now, Serena Williams has said nothing about becoming pregnant for a second time.

In other Vogue news, Serena Williams and their husband Alexis Ohanian went on a date to the book launch of Edward Enninful’s “A Visible Man” not long before the New York Fashion Week parade.

Serena Williams recently hit a Pearl Jam concert

Together with her husband Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams saw Pearl Jam perform at Madison Square Garden on September 11.

Alexis Ohanian used the hashtag “spotted” to broadcast an Instagram story in which another concertgoer had taken a photo of them. Related: Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian go see Swiatek’s favourite band perform.

Serena Williams Pregnant
Serena Williams Pregnant


Serena reacts to Wozniacki pregnancy news

23-time Serena Williams, a two-time winner of the Grand Slam, expressed her delight at the news that Caroline Wozniacki, a Danish tennis star, and her husband, David Lee, are expecting their second child.

Wozniacki announced on Instagram that she and her husband were “ready for round 2” and that their “family of 4” was on the way. Williams, with whom Wozniacki has had many intense confrontations, responded to Dane’s statement. “Amazing. Wow, I’m overjoyed, “Williams added a remark on the blog.

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