Sherry Nicole Pregnant: Single Mom Pregnancy Online News Explained!

To begin, who is Sherry Nicole? What is the status of her pregnancy with her husband Monte Lopez? A pregnant single mother explains her situation online using the hashtags “#CherryNicole,” “Pregnant,” “Husband,” and “Monte Lopez.” Inaugurating 50 Minutes S Blog Current trending news and the most recent updates are as follows:

The name Sherry Nicole is now making the rounds on several social networking websites. People are currently highly interested in learning more about Sherry Nicole and her pregnancy status. Here, we’ll fill you in on all the details. The article claims that Sherri Nicole is a popular American mom, fashion influencer, and creator of humorous Tik Tok videos.

In addition to being Addison Rey’s mother, she is also a well-known internet personality in her own right. A lot of people are intrigued about her because her name has exploded in popularity on social media. Let’s go ahead and keep reading this post since we have more details to share with you regarding the news.

The exclusive revelation claims that Cheri Nicole’s reputation as a single mother stems from the fact that she and her husband, Monty Lopez, have been fighting ever since he had an affair with another woman her age (25). Sherry separated from her spouse a few months ago and hasn’t been in a relationship since, so she may not get pregnant in 2022, the story says.

Addison Ray’s parents have decided to end their communication with each other and move on after a difficult period in their life. Lopez still has Nicole listed as his wife on his profile, despite the fact that they appear to have split up.

Who is Sherry Nicole?

Addison’s relatives have joined the growing trend of unfollowing members of one’s own family on social media. She broke off her Instagram relationship with her dad. It seems that after her breakup with her father, Monty Lopez, on Instagram, she stopped following her mother. She came to the conclusion a few months ago that her father was having an affair with Renee Ashe, a 25-year-old social media personality. The Lopezs, who are made up of Sherry and her husband Monty, have decided against having any more children.

Sherry Nicole Pregnant
Sherry Nicole Pregnant

Changing her Instagram bio in July 2022 to reflect that she was a single mother sparked rumours about her spouse. Despite their marriage on paper, Cheri Nicole and Monty Lopez are not currently cohabitating. Back in June of 2022, Sherry claimed that Monty had an affair with a woman who was 25 years old. Social media personality and TikTok star Sheri Nicole (born Sheri Nicole Easterling) is estimated to be worth $2 million. All the data we gathered is presented here. Continue following this space for further information.

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