When Will Solar Opposites Season 4 Release and Who is in the Lead Position of the Solar Opposites Now?

The fourth season of Solar Opposites will premiere on Hulu in just a few short months. The critically acclaimed cartoon comedy has had a rough few months, with co-creator and star Justin Roiland being removed from the show after being charged with domestic assault. After Roiland’s departure, the program had to find a new actor to play the lead role of Korvo in order to continue with a fourth season.

Dan Stevens, star of The Guest and Legion, has been cast as the new Korvo in Solar Opposites. Hulu revealed Stevens’s hiring on Tuesday with a new teaser featuring his drastically distinct voice for Korvo. The streaming service also announced the August 14 release of Season 4 of Solar Opposites alongside the trailer. On the day of the season launch, you can watch all 11 episodes.

Stevens has signed on to reprise his role as Korvo for both Seasons 4 and 5 of Solar Opposites. As Korvo reveals in the new show’s introduction at the clip’s conclusion, there will be flashback scenes.

What Is Solar Opposites Season 4 About?

Hulu released the official Season 4 synopsis for Solar Opposites alongside the rest of the news on Tuesday, and it’s about as ambiguous as you’d expect from the animated comedy. However, the new synopsis does reveal that future episodes will continue with the Wall and Silvercops stories.

The tweet below shows the release date of 4th season:

The official plot summary for Season 4 is provided below.

“On season four of Solar Opposites, we pack up the sci-fi and get normal… for a second. Then it’s back to classic Solar chaos, mayhem in the Wall, and some all new Silvercops adventures!”

Check out the first season 4 clip with Stevens as Korvo below.


Stevens is in the Lead Position of the Solar Opposites Now?

Following Roiland’s felony convictions for domestic battery with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, or deceit earlier this year, Stevens has taken over as co-creator and star of Solar Opposites and Koala Man. Even his most popular show, Rick and Morty, which is still looking for a replacement, fired him.

Insufficient evidence led to the charges being withdrawn, but by then he had already burned his bridges with 20th Century Fox. The prospects of him coming back to work for Adult Swim, Hulu, or anywhere else were severely diminished when an exposé in The Hollywood Reporter detailed his problematic behavior behind the scenes.

Stevens is in the Lead Position of the Solar Opposites Now

Despite the upheaval, Solar Opposites will continue into its fourth season with Mike McMahan at the helm. Little is revealed about Season 4 beyond the fact that “we pack up the sci-fi and get normal… for a second,” as the synopsis puts it.

Then we get brand new Silvercops episodes and the return of the old Solar Anarchy and Wall shenanigans! After receiving an early renewal at New York Comic Con in October of last year, the show has been guaranteed at least one more season.

On August 14, Solar Opposites will premiere its fourth season, consisting of 11 episodes. The year 2024 will also see the premiere of a Valentine’s Day special starring everyone’s favorite Shlorpians.

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