Sources Suggest New PlayStation 5 with Detachable Disc Drive to be Launched by Sony

According to insiders, the PlayStation 5 will undergo a distinctive redesign in the middle of FY 2023, with the next device debuting around September 2023.

Under the condition of anonymity, sources with knowledge of Sony’s plans have disclosed specifics regarding the upcoming PlayStation 5. It’s been said that the A, B, and C chassis that have been manufactured since the system’s debut will be entirely replaced by this new console.

The D chassis PlayStation 5 system, as it is currently known, will have nearly identical hardware as the current consoles on the market.

The tweet below confirms the news:

But the most unexpected new feature of the new PS5 is that it will have a removable disc drive. A second USB-C port on the back of the PlayStation 5 will be used to connect the detachable disc drive to the gaming system.

It is assumed that the new PlayStation 5 system will be offered separately or in a package with a removable disc drive. It’s also known that the disc drives can be bought individually, therefore replacing the console is not necessary if one of them breaks.

The upcoming PlayStation 5 will likely resemble the current model because sources have suggested that even if the detachable disc drive is portable, it won’t impair the console’s cosmetics and will attach to it without looking external.

However, the addition of a detachable disc drive may result in the PlayStation 5 becoming slimmer and lighter, which is something Sony has been attempting to accomplish with its most recent PS5 models.

It’s known that Sony plans to produce 18.5 million units of the brand-new PlayStation 5 system in FY 2023, while just 12 million of the A-C chassis consoles, which are being phased out, will be produced.

As of June 2022, according to Sony Interactive, the business had shipped over 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles. These production numbers imply that the corporation anticipates a big ramp-up in the next years as hardware components start to become more widely available.


Sources have revealed that the developers have had the console prototype in their possession for a number of months. Some people thought the console was in the game developer’s hands after I posted an update about this on my Twitter account, but this is not the case. It is in the hands of Sony employees rather than specific development studios.

Since the new machine will have nearly identical characteristics to the original PlayStation 5, it does not need to be in the hands of the developers. The removable disc drive won’t be compatible with the current digital edition, sources indicated in response to several inquiries from the public, although that could change with significant software updates.

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