South Carolina Prosecutors Reveal Alleged Motive In Murdaugh Murder Case

Prosecutors in South Carolina have explained what they think Alex Murdaugh’s motivation was for killing his kid and wife.

In a motion submitted on Thursday, they claim that he sought to draw attention away from the illegal operations he was undertaking to save his financial situation.

South Carolina prosecutors reveal alleged motive in Murdaugh murder case

source: cbs58

The motion from the prosecution stated, “The evidence will reveal Murdaugh acquired enormous debts over a period of years and began engaged in criminal financial crimes to uncover those bills.” The evidence will also demonstrate that these financial crimes were about to become public knowledge at the time of the deaths, more precisely on the day of the killings.

The murders ultimately functioned as Murdaugh’s means of deflecting attention away from himself and buying himself some more time to attempt to prevent his financial crimes from being discovered, which, if revealed, would have led to personal legal and financial devastation for Murdaugh.

On June 7, 2021, the bodies of Paul Murdaugh, 22, and Maggie Murdaugh, 52, were discovered on the family’s farm in Colleton County.

Alex Murdaugh is accused of killing both. He entered a not-guilty plea.

Numerous charges involving the theft and misappropriation of funds from his clients and his own law practise are also brought against him.

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