Split Widens Between Trump and DeSantis, as Rival Rallies Are Held in Florida

Split Widens Between Trump and DeSantis: The two most famous members of the Republican Party are each conducting their campaign as we head into the last days before the midterm elections.

This Entire Declaration is the Split Widens Between Trump and Desantis

Trump never requested to back DeSantis. His supporters said he wasn’t invited to Trump’s Miami rally.

Politics hurt egos. Rarely has a party’s leadership split at such a vital moment. At a rally in Latrobe, Pa., on Saturday, Trump dubbed DeSantis Ron DeSanctimonious.

Two days before the 2022 elections, dueling campaign rallies in Florida underlined their escalating hostility. DeSantis campaigned on the west coast as Trump campaigned in South Florida.

Mr. Trump didn’t repeat the remark on Sunday, and Mr. DeSantis didn’t mention the former president at his appearances, but their standoff looms as a distraction for their party in the last days of the elections and might risk wider fractures among Republicans in 2024.

“4 days before Election Day, attack a Republican governor. Republican strategist Josh Holmes tweeted #team.

Trump has informed fans he’ll run again soon. Mr. DeSantis is considered the leading option for the Republican nomination after generating $200 million for his re-election race (including $90 million unspent) and waging a nationalized campaign in which he hits President Biden more than his Democratic competitor, former Rep. Charlie Crist.

Trump, 76, and DeSantis, 44, are the most popular Republicans. Mr. DeSantis was an obscure congressman for six years before Trump backed his 2018 governor’s bid. Trump is reportedly perplexed that DeSantis hasn’t shown more loyalty.

Mr. Trump is angry with Mr. DeSantis for rejecting the Covid-19 immunizations provided by the Trump administration and for praising Joe O’Dea, the Republican Senate candidate in Colorado, only days after disparaging him.

Mr. Trump has privately tried pejorative nicknames for Mr. DeSantis, including Saturdays. Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone seemed to test-drive the moniker on Oct. 27.

Trump won’t bash Scott before the midterms. Some close to him think the governor’s team’s Friday video solidified the plan to depict him as hypocritically pious. Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech inspired the 96-second black-and-white film.

Ram Trucks promoted farming with the original comments in a 2013 Super Bowl ad. Casey DeSantis promotes her husband’s business. On the eighth day, God gazed down on his prepared paradise and remarked, “I need a defender.” God made a fighter.

Split Widens Between Trump and DeSantis
The movie seemed to want to transform Mr. DeSantis into an object of love, much way Mr. Trump has been seen as a messianic figure by Christian nationalists and other extreme followers. Mr. Trump casually dropped the new title when promoting Republican candidates in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Mr. Trump, a branding magnate who has placed his name on steaks and clothes, flashed poll numbers on two giant TV screens. Mr. DeSantis has downplayed speculations of a presidential run, but he won’t say if he’ll serve all four years if re-elected. Mr. DeSantis scheduled 13 events across Florida from Friday to Monday, including three on Sunday. Seven lawmakers visited Miami. State CFO Jimmy Patronis introduced DeSantis.

Mr. DeSantis’ hourlong speech focused on the Covid-19 pandemic. Democrats and some Republicans oppose his epidemic plans. “As a leader, I should care more about my citizens’ jobs than me,” said DeSantis. Mary Bishop, 73, was outraged Trump criticized DeSantis. In 2024, she voted for DeSantis over Trump.

Someone must reconcile races and religions, she said. Trump never changes their approach. In Miami, Mr. Trump praised “excellent” Senator Marco Rubio and said Floridians will re-elect him. “You’ll reelect Ron DeSantis,” declared Trump. Trump slammed Democrats as soft on crime in his 90-minute address and boasted about Hispanic voting.

“Keep tuned” for 2024, he said. Lainie Guthrie, 57, thinks DeSantis should have joined Trump. She suggested Trump “finish” his first term. “Like him or not, he’s doing a great job for our country,” Guthrie said. That’s his.” Pennsylvanians laughed and moaned at Saturday’s DeSantis attack. A woman shouted “No!”

Jess Rhoades, 38, left her first Trump event excited but conflicted between two Republicans.

“I’m lost”

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