Starfield Release: Is Starfield Just Available On Xbox Consoles?

Bethesda has announced that the release of Starfield will be pushed back to November 2023 from its original November 2022 date. At the Xbox and Bethesda event that took place earlier this summer, we were fortunate enough to observe a playable demo of the upcoming open-world video game.

Since then, we haven’t really heard much about the game, which has left the Starfield community with a bit of a desire for new information. However, we are optimistic that Bethesda will not keep us in the dark for too much longer.

It is possible that Starfield will wind up being one of the best personal computer games ever made; therefore, the time spent waiting for its release should be considered time well spent. The following is the information that we currently have for Starfield. let’s see When will Starfield be available?

When will Starfield be available?

Starfield is expected to be released in the “early half” of 2023, and according to Microsoft’s Matt Booty, the game will come out after Arkane’s Redfall has been made available to the public. Starfield will soon have its very own standalone showcase, which will provide it with the much-deserved opportunity for a single in-depth look and, ideally, a release date.

Starfield was initially scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022; however, in May of that same year, Bethesda revealed that the launch of the space game would be pushed back to 2023. The open-world video game will only be available for the Xbox One and personal computers when it launches in the first half of 2023, according to the official Starfield support page, which reaffirmed the release date.

A’special game event’ is also said to be on the horizon by Bethesda, along with the announcement of a release date for Starfield, which is expected to take place very soon. Hre was When will Starfield be available?, lets see Starfield pre-order.

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Starfield pre-order

Pre-orders for Starfield are already being accepted at a variety of shops. Pre-orders can be placed for it at GameStop in the United States and GAME in the United Kingdom right now.

Starfield Game Pass is also a reality; it will be coming to PC Game Pass (as well as Xbox Game Pass for console fans), which means that you will have quick access to the open-world game from the very first day it is released.

Starfield Release

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Subscribers to Game Pass do not need to pre-order the game, and we anticipate that they will be able to pre-load Starfield in the lead-up to the game’s release, at the very least. here was Starfield pre-order, lets see Is Starfield just available on Xbox consoles?

Is Starfield just available on Xbox consoles?

Due to the fact that Microsoft has reached an agreement to purchase Bethesda’s parent firm, ZeniMax Media, for $7.5 billion, Starfield will be available exclusively on the Xbox and PC platforms.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, expressed his excitement for upcoming games developed by Bethesda, including Starfield, in a blog post that was published to announce the acquisition. Spencer specifically mentioned Starfield. here was Is Starfield just available on Xbox consoles?

let’s see The gameplay of Starfield, as well as I, ‘m pretty sure they already leaked it back in 2021. They had that case with a Starfield watch. If You look back at that reveal trailer in Xbox E3 where they had 11/11/2022 as the release date, it was the same box in the trailer and one Starfield video. post on Twitter by James.

The gameplay of Starfield

The first trailer for the unveiling of Starfield was released back in 2018 and has been available for quite some time. Since then, a teaser trailer for Starfield was released in June 2021, and a far more extensive gameplay demonstration was presented in June 2022.

Recently, we have seen some gameplay footage of Starfield, which demonstrates how the game’s dialogue and persuasion systems will function. In addition, we have seen a few extra snippets of space flight with commentary from Todd Howard (video below).

It has also come to light that Starfield might have a survival mode in the future, which is both exciting and slightly horrifying all at the same time. here was The gameplay of Starfield.

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