State of Decay 3 Release Date: The Creators of Gears of War Are Also Working on State of Decay 3

While interest in zombies isn’t as high as it was a few years ago, we’re still in for some thrilling undead adventures. A motley group of survivors in a harsh world will face off against hordes of wandering undead in Undead Labs’ upcoming third edition in the State of Decay series.

There have been aspects of action-adventure, survival horror, stealth, role-playing, and strategy in each of the games in the series so far, making for a unique and engaging experience as players rebuild society while slaying legions of zombies.

We haven’t learned much about the State of Decay 3, but we’ve been quietly scouring the wastes for any information we can discover. It’s one of the Xbox Series X titles we’re looking forward to the most. What follows is the complete state of knowledge regarding the State of Decay 3.

State of Decay 3 Release Date

As the trailer does not conclude with a release window, we currently have no idea when State of Decay 3 will be made available to the public.

In March 2022, however, Phil Spencer made a brief announcement that he had been playing the game and was quite happy with how it improved upon the last installment in the series. With any luck, we won’t have to wait too long for some supplementary data to surface after hearing that.

In September 2022, Xbox producer Matt Booty announced that Gears of War developers The Coalition and Undead Labs are collaborating on the game, which is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. It’s fantastic that they’re working together, but it doesn’t bring us any closer to a release date.

More certainty exists in terms of which platforms it will be available on. Since Microsoft Studios now owns the studio making the game, it will very certainly only be released on Xbox and PC.

We also anticipate the game to be available on Microsoft’s fantastic subscription program Game Pass at its release date.

The Creators of Gears of War Are Also Working on State of Decay 3

The Creators of Gears of War Are Also Working on State of Decay 3

A few more details about the State of Decay 3 were released in a report by WCCFtech, though nothing of great significance about the game’s content or release dates.

During an appearance on the Xbox podcast Major Nelson, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty discussed the game’s development, saying that it is being built with Unreal Engine 5 and help from other Gears of War devs at The Coalition.

Booty stated, “You mentioned Undead Labs; they’re working with The Coalition up in Vancouver, our Gears of War studio, using some of the technology around Unreal Engine 5 and some of the stuff that’s been in Gears of War before to bring that into the State of Decay 3.”

Booty further, saying, “all that, the things they are doing there, are really the testbed, the proving grounds for all the stuff that’s going in the State of Decay 3.” In addition, Booty reassured fans of the State of Decay franchise that work on the sequel is still proceeding and that the developers are currently working on polishing the game.

However, others wonder if the sluggish development of State of Decay 3 is due to fine-tuning or whether the developer is having deeper, more systemic problems.

The Plot and Gameplay of State of Decay 3

Even though the only trailer we have is made entirely of CGI, it gives us a glimpse of what the game may have to offer.

This means, for one thing, that we’ll once again have to prioritize finding food through means like scavenging and hunting. Given the prominence of cold weather, it is possible that heating and shelter mechanisms will be added to the game, further complicating the already difficult task of staying alive.

The trailer’s prominent (and terrifying) zombie deer makes us hope that there is a greater variety of wildlife, both infected and uninfected, to fear.

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