Steve Bannon Net Worth: How Much Wealthy Is He In 2022?

For the first seven months of President Trump’s administration, American Steve Bannon served as the “White House” chief strategist. Bannon is also a filmmaker, media executive, and former investment banker. After growing up in Norfolk, Virginia, he enrolled at what is now known as the “Benedictine College Preparatory School.”

At some point he decided to learn more about urban planning, so he enrolled at the “Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies.” The author served in the navy and then attended the made-up “Harvard Business School,” where he received an MBA.

In the ’90s, he left his job as an investment banker and moved to Hollywood, where he worked as an executive producer on a variety of movies and documentaries. Steve used the alt-right news website he helped start in the late aughts, Breitbart News, to promulgate his political beliefs.

He was appointed to lead Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in August of that year. Steve was Trump’s closest confidant and strategist after he was elected president. For the first seven months of his presidency, Trump kept his position in the administration.

He stands for the extreme right and is a supporter of nationalist, right-wing populist conservative groups around the world.

What is the Net Worth of Steve Bannon in 2022?

Steve Bannon has amassed a net worth of $20 million in the United States as a political adviser and media executive. Steve Bannon was Trump’s primary strategist for the first seven months of his presidency. He was the executive chairman of Breitbart, a far-right website before he oversaw the demise of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

As a result of his refusal to cooperate with a subpoena linked to the investigation into the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, Bannon was held in contempt of Congress, a year after his arrest and allegations of conspiracy to conduct mail fraud and money laundering in 2020.

The Undefeated,” “Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman,” and “Occupy Unmasked” are just a few of the films that Bannon has helped finance and produce. Bannon served as Biosphere 2’s acting director before leaving for Hollywood to write the script for the 1999 film Titus, which starred Anthony Hopkins.

Steve Bannon Net Worth

The Early Life of Steve Bannon

The son of Martin and Doris Bannon, Steve Bannon entered the world on November 27, 1953. His family history includes several industry employees. His dad worked as a manager for a phone company and also installed telephone lines. His mother brought him up by herself, never working outside the home. All of his relatives were strong believers in Jesus Christ. He said his “hardcore Democratic” parents were Irish Catholics who supported the union.

Steve is the third of five siblings and spent his childhood in the middle. He went to the Roman Catholic Benedictine College Preparatory in Richmond, Virginia when he was a young man. After graduating from high school in 1972, Steve enrolled in the “Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies.”

Yet by the time he graduated from university, his political beliefs were set in stone. Beginning as a junior, he worked his way up to the top of the student government. There was no turning back at that point; his opinions had hardened to the right. While at “Virginia Tech,” he studied urban planning and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1976. Then he joined the United States Navy and trained to be an auxiliary engineer.

At the same time, he began attending “Georgetown University” at night for the purpose of earning a master’s degree in national security. He then attended “Harvard Business School” in the early 1980s to get his Master of Business Administration. He graduated near the top of his class from an esteemed school of business administration.

Steve Bannon: Career

After he got his MBA, he was hired by Goldman Sachs, a famous investment bank and financial services organization. He was an investment banker at the time the company was bought out and amalgamated. Towards the end of the 1980s, the company started eyeing the Hollywood scene and eventually entered the media industry.

When Steve left his role as vice president two years later, he had already moved to Los Angeles after being promoted to the post. With the help of a few former Goldman Sachs employees, Steve founded Bannon & Co., a rival investment bank. His next move was to consult for a production business, where he eventually made an investment in Seinfeld.

After realizing that the entertainment sector could provide him with a comfortable living, Steve moved to Los Angeles in the ’90s and began working as an executive producer. His 1991 directorial debut, “The Indian Runner,” was a box office bomb. In 1999, he directed another film titled Titus. In the new millennium, he also became the dominant figure in the field of film direction.

In 2004, he released “In the Face of Evil,” a documentary about Reagan’s presidency. Movies like “Occupy Unmasked” and “The Undefeated” benefited from his involvement after that. His strong right-wing ideas found expression in the 2007 documentary film “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Fascism in America.”

It mocked Jews and Muslims and suggested that the government and the media were helping to establish an Islamic state; it caused a lot of strife. Furthermore, he was previously employed by “Cambridge Analytica,” where he served as vice president. The corporation came under attention after the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election because of claims that it stole data in an effort to influence American voters.

Members of the Mercer family shared ownership of the company. Both were initiated by the Breitbart family, who also founded the alt-right news outlet that bears their surname. Steve helped launch the conservative news outlet Breitbart in 2007. The liberals, progressives, and Democrats are consistently attacked by this conservative news source.

Since the site’s launch, it has been subject to criticism for purported prejudice, misogyny, and anti-LGBT bias. By the following year, Steve had supplied even more proof that “Breitbart News” was an alt-right news site. A strong sense of nationalism pervaded the site when he was in charge. Breitbart’s publication of several pieces of propaganda promoting harsher immigration controls and other such measures represented a turning point for the alt-right after his appointment as executive chairman of the firm in 2012.

White supremacists were a prominent appearance in the comments area, and the website frequently utilized aggressive titles to attract viewers. In 2015, Steve launched a radio show dedicated to exploring alt-right perspectives. Donald Trump was a frequent topic of discussion on the show “Breitbart News Daily.”

His presidential campaign had its origins at that time. This is when he first started to connect with Trump and where they formed a friendship. As of August 2016, Steve has served as Donald Trump’s chief executive officer of his presidential campaign. To that end, he painstakingly plotted to raise concerns about the border and sow doubts about Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Increased support for Trump’s populist message led to his election victory in November 2016. During the first months of Trump’s presidency, Steve served as his chief legal advisor. Some of Trump’s more divisive policies, including as the ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries, have been attributed to him.

Additionally, Trump created the position of “chief strategist” in the cabinet and filled it with Steve. In January of 2017, he assumed a position of prominence inside the “National Security Council.” However, he was let go in April of that year. Nonetheless, he maintained his support for Donald Trump, claiming the American media was acting like an opposition party by criticizing his every move.

Still, he regularly clashed with both his fellow cabinet members and members of the Trump family over a wide range of issues. Before his resignation in August of 2017, he was the president’s closest counselor and primary strategist. The following day, Steve’s return to “Breitbart News” was officially confirmed.

In the editorial meeting that followed, he declared his intention to oppose Trump at every turn. After the release of the explosive book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” in 2018, Steve and Trump had a bitter falling out.

The book makes a number of controversial assertions concerning Steve. Steve tried to make peace with Trump, but it was to no effect. Later on, his role as executive chairman at “Breitbart” was eliminated. However, he continued his employment there.

Personal Life of Steve Bannon

For the first time in his life, Steve Bannon married Cathleen Houff Jordan. Their divorce was finalized in 1995, and he quickly remarried Mary Piccard. He has divorced again in 1997 from his second wife. In 2006, he wed Diane Clohesy, although they eventually split up in 2009. Out of his first two marriages, he has three daughters.

Steve has been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse and other minor offenses. Piccard, Steve’s second wife, filed a lawsuit against him in 1996, but she never showed up to court. This resulted in the dismissal of the case. She revealed that she had received death threats via phone.

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