‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Predictions

Season 5 of Stranger Things won’t be available on Netflix for another couple of years, ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Predictions so there will be a lot of rumours and news in the lead-up. We’ll make predictions about who might sag and pass away in the upcoming season.

Consult our extensive preview for the last season if you want to catch up on everything that has been made publicly known about the upcoming Stranger Things fifth season. In that piece, we made a tonne of forecasts, and we’ll make even more as the months pass.

1. Steve

The Duffer Brothers changed their minds about Steve’s fate in the first season of Stranger Things, and he later became everyone’s favorite character and babysitter.

Steve is constantly at the top of the list of characters that could pass away because he is the popular favorite, and in season 4, he almost did! If Steve were to pass away, we might witness one of the greatest and most heroic character deaths in television history in addition to the fan base going absolutely crazy and perhaps rioting.

2. Will

Will is listed very high on this list because Vecna may still have some control over the youngster and could retake possession of him to make his battle with Eleven much more difficult. Since his return to Hawkins, there is a tonne of evidence indicating that Will is still involved with the Upside Down.

Will would willingly forfeit his life if it meant conquering Vecna, even though it would be a very tragic ending for a character who has already gone through so much misery.

3. eleven

Many people would assume that Eleven should be protected from death because she is the de facto lead character in Stranger Things. To defy expectations, there is still a strong possibility that she will have to make the biggest sacrifice of all—her life—in order to rescue the lives of her loved ones and the community of Hawkins.

Eleven may have to push herself beyond her comfort zone in order to save everyone because of her fated conflict with Vecna and the possibility that she will be the one to permanently shut the portals to the Upside Down.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Predictions

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4. Hopper

Between being tortured, beaten, shot at, nearly vaporised, and going one-on-one with a Demogorgon, Hopper has been in danger of death numerous times.

Hopper is frequently thrust into danger because he is the father figure of the series and one of the only capable adults. He is not hesitant to put himself in risk to save the people he loves about.

In season 5, everyone will be in imminent danger. If Hopper can give his life to save anyone, including Eleven, Joyce, or any of the kids, you better believe he would.

5. Jonathan

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Jonathan struggled to get much screen time, but one of the most touching scenes was when he told his younger brother, Will, that he would always be there for him. His relationship with Nancy is also in doubt; although they may be falling out of love, neither of them is willing to come clean about it and move on.

Apart from Steve, none of the other young adults have quite the same sense of expendability as him.

6. Murray

Since joining the cast in season 2, Murray has been among the greatest additions. Murray is not only one of the most helpful and resourceful characters in the series, but he is also tremendously brave and is not hesitant to put himself in danger to save people like Joyce and Hopper. In season 5, it’ll be interesting to watch Murray connect with more of the ensemble; if any bonds develop, Murray is a prime candidate for execution.

7. Mike Will described Mike as the life of the party, which makes him a good target for Vecna as he is Eleven’s boyfriend.

Mike’s death would inspire the group rather than demoralise them, and it might be just what Eleven needs to send them over the edge in order to destroy Vecna.

8. Lucas

Lucas has every right to seek retribution for what Vecna did to Max. Despite not having a lot of temper, Lucas rises up when necessary to defend the people he cares about. Although he won’t be Vecna’s top target, his love for Max puts him in danger. Lucas may have to suffer Vecna’s wrath in order to defend Max, his sister, or his friends.

9. Joyce

It was difficult to include Joyce on our list, but if the Duffer Brothers were willing to go against the grain, Joyce would be a prime candidate for execution.

Like the majority of the adults in the series, Joyce is the type of person who would willingly submit to death to save the lives of others, especially if it meant preserving the lives of her sons, Jonathan or Will.

10. Robin

The Duffer Brothers’ unwillingness to kill off characters from the first season is what puts Robin on this list. She may be a fan favourite, but it doesn’t make her immune to death, and because season 5 is the final season, no character is safe.

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