Harley Quinn Returns in New ‘Suicide Squad’ Anime

It’s finally happening: Suicide Squad will soon have its own anime series! In 2021, we finally received a sequel to the Suicide Squad movie that was a thousand times better than 2016. The creators of Attack on Titan are giving the Squad their own animated series.

Suicide Squad Isekai will, without a doubt, be a violent, strange anime, as one might expect from a show centered on one of the most chaotic portions of the DC universe. Where do our understandings of Suicide Squad Isekai stand? Learn more by reading on!

What Exactly is the Plot of Suicide Squad Isekai?

Warner Bros. Japan’s official plot summary for Suicide Squad Isekai:

DC’s Harley Quinn and The Joker have been ISEKAI!? Suicide Squad rampages onto the stage of ISEKAI! A new original animation from Japan! The most maddening worlds collide in an epic and violent fantasy with the strongest line-up of creators!

When Will Suicide Squad Isekai Be Available for Purchase?

When Will Suicide Squad Isekai Be Available for Purchase

Suicide Squad Isekai is expected to arrive on Max in 2024.

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Suicide Squad Isekai Trailer

Only a teaser trailer has been released, giving viewers a taste of what they may expect. At least, the animation is spectacular.

The Cast of Suicide Squad Isekai Includes Who?

We haven’t heard who will be providing their voices just yet, but here’s hoping they’re all A-listers. It’s critical that the correct actors give voice to Harley Quinn and the Joker.

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