Suspect Arrested In Shooting Of Off-duty NYPD Officer In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York, East (WABC) A suspect in the weekend attempted robbery in Brooklyn during which an off-duty NYPD officer was shot is currently in custody. The policeman suffered a critical injury.

Adeed Fayaz, a 26-year-old NYPD officer who was not on duty, is thought to have been shot in the head by Randy Jones, 38. Along with a female friend, he was arrested at the Days Inn motel in Nanuet.

He was taken into jail using the handcuffs from the injured cop, transported to the 75th Precinct, and is likely to face charges for attempting to kill the officer.

Detective Chief James Essig stated, “We wanted him to know what he did to the officer.” “I believe it conveys a strong message.”

Police removed five more children from the hotel room, ranging in age from 6 months to 11 years, and provided aid.

The woman wasn’t put on trial. While two search warrants are being carried out, Jones is not yet facing any charges.

According to the reports, Jones has been detained before for close to two dozen offenses, including criminal trespass, aggravated harassment, grand theft, strangling, and narcotics possession.

He is thought to be a member of a two-man stick-up group that is connected to at least three local robberies.

According to police sources, one of his past robberies featured the Facebook Marketplace fraud, just like the one that led to the killing of the off-duty cop who responded to an ad seeking to buy a used car.

The dark-colored BMW with tinted windows that were discovered abandoned in Manhattan was also searched by police.

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Officer Fayaz was shot and seriously injured during the attempted robbery on Ruby Street near Linden Boulevard in East New York on Saturday about 7 o’clock.

According to officials, Deer Park native Fayaz went to buy a car with his brother-in-law that he had agreed to pick up through Facebook Marketplace. The accused pulled out a revolver and allegedly announced the robbery right away.

According to officials, Officer Fayaz also produced a firearm, and shots were fired. Fayaz received a brain injury.

His brother-in-law grabbed up his gun after Fayaz was shot and fired six rounds. The brother-in-law had no bullet damage.

According to officials, Officer Fayaz is seriously ill at Brookdale Hospital. He joined the force in 2017 and works in Borough Park’s 66th precinct.

The officer’s wife and two kids, according to Mayor Eric Adams, were also spoken to.

The challenge the city has, according to Adams, is obvious.

In a television interview, Adams remarked, “When we locate the guilty individual, I bet you he has a lengthy criminal record and I bet you he’s one of the 1,700 people who are extraordinarily aggressive in our community.” “To ensure that we remove dangerous individuals from our streets, we are advocating for meaningful recidivist reform. Last year, we took thousands of firearms off the streets. However, we must deal with the dangerous individuals who possess these weapons.”

According to PBA President Patrick J. Lynch, “We are extremely appreciative of the diligent work that our investigative brothers and sisters put into putting this case together and locating this horrible criminal’s hiding location. The justice system must now take action and impose penalties. It must convey a warning to others who might assault police officers or defenseless New Yorkers. Too many victims have already been let down by the system. It must succeed for our brother’s family.”

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