During Violent Pursuit Through La and Oc, Suspect Smashes Police Cruiser, Snatches Automobiles

Suspect Smashes Police Cruiser: Police in the San Gabriel Valley had a frightening chase with a suspect who had stolen a van and a truck and crashed into many other vehicles.

A Suspect Crashes Into a Police Car, and the Media Is All Over It

Desperate to escape, a guy slammed into sheriff’s cruisers, sideswiped automobiles, and stole numerous vehicles during a high-stakes pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties on Wednesday.

The guy was spotted fleeing in one of the stolen vehicles before breaking into a nearby residence. After he took the keys to their utility truck, the family members and their pets battled with him on the driveway, with one even wielding a knife. He ran amok after breaking through their front gate.

In yet another nail-biting incident, a police car blocked the guy against a gated driveway. Instead of giving up, he put the stolen car into reverse and repeatedly crashed into the police cruiser, clearing a path for him to make another escape. A sheriff’s car hit the utility truck he had stolen, causing it to crash into a gas station. The event continued for about an hour and a half. The undercarriage of the truck caught fire, and sheriff’s deputies opened fire on it. He was taken to prison when they broke the windows to free him.

Things kicked off just before 5 o’clock. The police were giving chase to a suspect driving a black car recklessly through Anaheim’s surface streets, and AIR7 HD was there to capture it all from above. The criminal returned to the fleeing cops in the car after attempting to steal a pickup truck and failing. A little later, he abandoned the vehicle and fled into a nearby townhouse community.

A Fullerton police officer positioned his vehicle behind the stolen white van, trapping the thief inside. The suspect then attempted to free himself by reversing and repeatedly ramming the police car. The criminal sped off in the opposite direction.

Suspect Smashes Police Cruiser
While being pursued in the stolen van, the suspect proceeded to drive recklessly on surface roadways, slamming into other vehicles and causing them to swerve out of his path. In Whittier, one of the van’s rear tires burst and he had to pull over. After the wheel fell off, sparks started flying and the car was rendered inoperable. The guy got out of the van and fled towards a nearby residential area.

After breaking into a house, he had an argument with the occupants. A brawl broke out on the open driveway in front of the house. A lady was spotted holding back a resident who sought to approach the man who stole the family’s utility truck. In his haste to escape, he jumped into their vehicle and sped off, just missing many of the locals and crashing through the front gate. The vehicle nearly ran over two dogs. According to Eyewitness News, both the residents and their dogs escaped unharmed.

The family claims they have only had the landscaping truck for three weeks and that it was the only vehicle available to them at the time of purchase. They started a GoFundMe to raise money to replace the equipment in the vehicle.

The suspect’s front tire eventually blew out, but he kept swerving in and out of traffic in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood with the stolen vehicle. Squeezing through traffic, he ran many red lights and sideswiped several cars.

A deputy’s car rear-ended his truck, sending him careening to a petrol station at Gale Avenue and Hacienda Boulevard. The vehicle broke down and a fire started under it. While the suspect was still locked inside, deputies approached cautiously from the back and used fire extinguishers to put out the fires, creating clouds of smoke.

It got to the point where they started firing into the truck’s cabin. As the blockage persisted, the suspect remained in the building. Just after 6:10 p.m. in the City of Industry, deputies smashed the driver-side glass of the vehicle and dragged the man out.
His wounds didn’t look too bad at first glance. A deputy led him away from the scene, but he walked away on his own, showing no signs of injury or blood.

In the midst of the chaos, officers were seen seizing and cuffing another driver near the petrol station.

No information about the suspect’s identification has been made public.

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