Tammy And George Divorce: Did She Divorced George Jones To Quit Drinking

George Jones drank even after marrying Tammy Wynette, Let’s see tammy and george divorce: And the habit had a severe impact on the happiness of his third wife, finally forcing her to file for a divorce to try and make him get clean.

George Jones drinking habits

As is mentioned in songs like “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will),” Jones had a connection with alcohol that was almost as renowned as he was.

And people still talk about the outrageous things he did while drunk. For example, he once went to a liquor store driving a lawnmower, which later became the subject of a work of contemporary art in Nashville.

Unfortunately, there was a risk involved with his behavior on a regular basis. Wynette asserted that he had chased her around their home while inebriated and carrying a loaded rifle, but he rejected her allegations. According to an article published in Texas Monthly, Jones was restrained in a straightjacket and kept in a padded cell to detoxify following a particularly violent episode that occurred shortly after the birth of his only child with Wynette.

Tammy And George Divorce:

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In her autobiography titled “Reba: My Story,” country music star Reba McEntire said that even she had a story to tell. Her passion for Jones shines through in the way that she tells stories, but the way he behaved nearly derailed a performance. She claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol and would not perform at his scheduled time unless someone provided him a “girlfriend.”

Tammy And George Divorce: Because of his drinking

“Mr. and Mrs. Country Music” tied the knot in 1969, and Wynette submitted her divorce petition for the first time in 1973. But in the end, they decided to get back together, and she claimed that the move had been Jones’ physician’s scheme to help him cut back on his drinking.

Some of their devoted followers did not take well to the news of their impending divorce, which would be the third for both of them. As a result, they came out with the song “We’re Gonna Hold On” as they proceeded to make separate albums as well as duets. And they did everything they could to make their marriage work despite the challenges.

After Jones failed to show up for a recording session in 1975, Wynette revealed to PEOPLE that their relationship was officially over at that point. After an argument with his irritated wife, he purchased a stretch limo for approximately thirty thousand dollars and then fled to Florida.

“This is it,” Wynette declared, despite the fact that some of the couple’s acquaintances told PEOPLE at the time that the couple may potentially get back together. However, during that period she was said to be romantically involved with Burt Reynolds.

In 1999, one year after Tammy Wynette’s pass

Jones attributed his success in sobriety to the support and encouragement of his widow, Nancy. In 1994, he gave an interview to Texas Monthly in which he said, “She has been a very great assist in rescuing my life and career and just about everything.” It’s been said that an incident in 1999 forced him to give up drinking for good.

Wynette was not around to see that unfortunate turn of events. She had two more marriages after they got divorced, and in 1978, she finally found happiness with her fifth spouse. They were together up until her death in 1998, which occurred in 1998. While everything was going on, Jones wed Nancy in 1983, and after his passing in 2013, Nancy became his widow.

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