Tariq Corn Kid Death: Truth Behind the Rumors

Videos of adorable youngsters have been shared more widely than any other content type in the history of the internet. Recently, a video of a little child named Tariq, who is seven years old, expressing his enthusiasm for maize went popular on the social media platform TikTok. Corn Kid, as he is fondly called, became viral for a short time, and now speculations are circulating that something terrible has happened to him.

Who is the Corn Kid?

The seven-year-video old’s of his enthusiasm for corn went viral, earning him the moniker “Corn Kid.” The youngster became famous after appearing in a highlight reel for the popular YouTube channel Recess Therapy. Memes, songs, and spliced versions of the video were just some of the responses it received.

The little youngster in the YouTube video declares his fondness for playing hide-and-seek and other activities and his subsequent declaration that maize is his favorite meal. More than 3.3 million people have seen it on YouTube, and over 1.9 million have seen it on Instagram. The TikTok video has almost 23 million views.

He became famous on the internet and in television advertising thanks to the intensity with which he discussed maize. Even Chipotle has used the Corn Kid in an ad.

Tariq Corn Kid, What Happened to Him?

There were reports that Tariq had died under mysterious circumstances after he became famous. Many individuals who had watched his video were devastated by the news and others were also intrigued about the source of the report.

A Facebook post with a misleading headline claiming Tariq’s death was the result of a gang shooting appears to have started the myth.

At further inspection, you’ll see that the item attributes itself to NPR and purports to have been authored by one Dustin Jones. In the time after the article went viral, many people have come to assume that Tariq has passed away. Fortunately, it appears that this message is fake, thus there is no basis for fearing that Tariq has been murdered.

Tariq Corn Kid Death

To Put it Simply, Tariq Has Not Yet Died

The widely shared tweet includes a fabricated news story purporting to confirm Tariq’s death. There is no news story by a person named Dustin Jones. Tariq is one of the most famous children on the internet, and the original news item details how he became so famous because he was obsessed with corn.

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