Tattoo Artist Discussing First-Time Customer Mistakes

First tattoos are scary Before getting a tattoo, investigate the process, shop, artist, and aftercare. As a two-year tattoo artist, I witness first-time clients make mistakes.

Make Sure Your Skin is Ready for the Tattoo

The skin around your tattoo will heal faster and look better if it is in good condition before it is inked.

For optimal results, start hydrating the region a few weeks before your consultation. Be sure to stay hydrated and stay away from anything that might aggravate your skin.

Never Request an Identical Copy of Another Artist’s Original Work

In other words, requesting a duplicate of an artist’s work is the same as stealing it.

Some tattoo artists charge hundreds of dollars for a single inking after spending hours on the design. Both the tattoo artist and the customer who paid for a unique design should feel insulted by this request.

To avoid this, look for a tattoo artist whose work you admire and commission a unique design from them. It’s acceptable practice to provide a potential candidate with a sample of previous work that exemplifies the type of quality you desire.

However, it is possible to copy specific flash designs, pop culture allusions, and even well-known works of art.

Before Applying Numbing Cream, Consult With Your Artist

It’s understandable to want to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with getting your first tattoo by applying a topical numbing lotion, but keep in mind that doing so may leave your skin feeling rubbery or leathery and hinder the tattooing process and the healing time.

Never apply numbing lotion without first consulting the artist; some prefer Bactine for a more consistent effect.

Don’t Be Bored, Bring Something to Do

First-time customers often don’t know they may bring in their own entertainment. For lengthy tattoo sessions (a few hours or more), it’s beneficial to have something to keep your mind off the pain.

For entertainment, I recommend taking headphones and either downloading a show or movie to watch, packing some music, or bringing a book to read.

Shops have various restrictions regarding visitors, and artists have distinct preferences on how they operate; it’s wise to ask before making an appointment if you want to bring a friend or chat with the artist. While some people thrive on conversation, others work best in solitude.

Tattoo Artist Discussing First-Time Customer Mistakes

Don’t Get Anything You Don’t Desire

Don’t let someone convince you to get a tattoo that you don’t truly desire.

Inform your designer of any adjustments you would like made to the layout or style. A reputable tattoo artist will offer their honest feedback and be flexible as you work together to create the tattoo you want.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you locate a tattoo artist in whom you have complete faith, both personally and creatively, and that you listen to their advice. For the sake of the work’s overall quality, it may be necessary to impose some design or size constraints.

But don’t sign anything you aren’t completely comfortable with signing.

If at All Possible, Avoid Being Inked Before or After a Trip

Don’t schedule a trip that could involve sun exposure, exercise, or swimming in the weeks after getting a tattoo, since you’ll need to avoid doing any of those things to let the ink heal properly.

Keeping your tattoo clean is vital to preventing infection, as it is virtually an exposed wound. Your recovery time is estimated to be between four and six weeks.

If you plan on getting a tattoo, don’t book it just after a beach trip, since you’ll need to postpone if you’ve gotten burnt.

You Are Free to Request Time Off as Needed

You shouldn’t feel awkward about asking for a break if you need to go to the restroom, stretch, or get a drink of water. If you relax, your tattoo artist will feel more at ease.

Some tattooists may forge on without stopping for breaks; if you need one, be sure to let them know. It’s a welcome break for them, too, I’m sure.

Don’t Show Up Ill, Drunk, or Hungover

If you want to get a tattoo, you should be in good physical shape and hydrated before your appointment.

Your tattoo’s healing time may be prolonged if you get sick, which may negatively impact the final result. Also, your new tattoo should take a back seat to your body’s need for rest and recuperation.

It’s also recommended that you abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit. As the blood becomes more dilute after consuming alcohol, excessive bleeding may occur. Your tattoo artist’s ability to see the skin they are inking, as well as the healing time and final finish, might be negatively impacted by this.

Before Your Appointment, Eat Something

Eating a healthy meal a few hours before your scheduled visit is a good idea. When getting a tattoo, an empty stomach might cause dizziness and nausea.

You may calm your anxieties and nourish your body for the session by eating a protein-rich meal and drinking plenty of water before you begin.

If you feel nauseous, it could help to have some food and drink on hand.

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