Tech Burner Net Worth: How Wealthy Is An Indian YouTuber? 

This YouTuber goes by the name Tech Burner. Tech Burner has amassed a massive following and a great deal of popularity in the Indian YouTube community. The man has accomplished a great deal in his life and work. Shlok Srivastava is the primary face behind the YouTube channel Tech Burner, and as a result, he is better known by his channel name.

He’s always had a thing for hi-tech toys, but it wasn’t until he was in tenth grade that he decided to launch his own YouTube channel. Since his birth, Shlok has lived most of his life in Delhi. Subsequently, after achieving success and finishing his education, he relocated to Noida. He has racked up over 9 million people as YouTube subscribers. Tech Burner has risen to notoriety thanks to his hilariously awful reviews of numerous consumer electronics. He appeared at Apple’s Event in California, most recently when the company announced the iPhone 14 and other products.

What is the Net Worth of Tech Burner in 2022?

Shlok Srivastava the owner of one of the most successful Indian YouTube channels, Tech Burner. Thanks to the sardonic humor, biting wit, and off-the-wall antics of his viral YouTube videos, he has become an internet sensation. Plus, he’s filthy rich because of the almost 9 million people who subscribe to his YouTube channel. It is estimated that he is currently worth about $3 million.

tech burner net worth

Tech Burner Assets

In India’s technological community, Tech Burner is a massive star. Shlok Srivastava, the channel’s host, has gained international acclaim. His Noida home and multiple office spaces are among his many properties in India.

Tech Burner’s extensive car collection includes several exotic and expensive SUVs. Several years ago, he bought a Toyota Harrier as his first car. He just bought a BMW X5 M Sport, the most expensive and rapid SUV BMW makes.

Tech Burner Biography

Shlok Shrivastava, also known as Tech Burner, is a highly well-known and respected figure in India. On December 3, 1995, in New Delhi, India, Shlok entered this world. His parents brought him up in Delhi, where he has spent his entire life. Shlok’s another sibling is his sister, Riya Srivastava, who has been an integral part of his life since he was a young boy. Although his father worked for the government, and his mother stayed home, he didn’t want to talk much about them.

He spent most of his formative years in Delhi, where he attended and graduated from Delhi Public School. At a later time, he attended and graduated from Delhi University. In 2014, while Shlok was in the tenth grade, he started his YouTube channel. He hasn’t slowed down since then.

Tech Burner: Career

There is a lot of buzz about Tech Burner in that country. Tech Burner is the YouTube channel that Shlok Srivastava, then a very young boy, founded in 2014. Even as a young child, he was obsessed with technology. In 2014, he used his father’s laptop to publish the first video to his freshly created YouTube channel. He used his phone and a microphone to film the footage.

But early in his career, he was slapped more than once due to concerns over copyright infringement. Since changing his channel’s identity to Shlok Srivastava, he has been using it as an online diary. But that stopped quickly because he was not enjoying himself. Soon after, everything on his channel, which he had renamed Tech Burner, began functioning normally. Over the past few years, his channel has seen enormous growth in popularity.

At the present moment, he has over 9 million followers, which is a truly staggering number. Additionally, he has a tremendously popular Instagram account where he posts snapshots of his daily life. Shlok is famous for major companies like Sony, Samsung, and others promoting their products.

Tech Burner Education

Shlok Srivastava attended Delhi Public School for his primary and secondary education. He was a student there until his junior year of high school. After that, he enrolled at Delhi University to study engineering. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he devoted himself entirely to his online video platform.

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