Teen Arrested for Making Online Threat to Stab Student at Coral Springs High School

According to Coral Springs police, a teenager was detained after reportedly threatening to stab another student via direct message on social media.

For communications, 19-year-old Jeremy Byrd is accused of making a written threat to kill or damage someone on one count.

On March 9, a student in the 10th grade who was part of a group Snapchat message with other students contacted the school resource officer at a high school in Coral Springs.

The 10th grader claims there were posts in the Snapchat group claiming Byrd had a knife and intended to stab a student on campus.

The tweet below confirms the news:

According to an arrest record, Mariana Silva, a former student who sent the warning messages, was terrified and informed the authorities about the danger.

Silva revealed to the investigators the Instagram Direct Messages sent between her and Byrd.

The texts stated, in part, “We’re all going to jump him.” And we’re all going to stab him.

Silva claims that Byrd also emailed a vanishing picture of himself brandishing a knife while in pottery class on campus.

The police report states that Byrd agreed to send the messages and photo, but he maintains the threat was an overreaching joke.

According to police, the situation is still being treated seriously.

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