Teen Who Kills Accused Rapist Flees Probation Center

Teen Who Kills Accused Rapist Flees Probation Center: A court in Iowa issued an order requiring the young woman to make restitution in the sum of $150,000 to the family of the man who she said had sexually assaulted her.

A Murderous Teen Absconds From Probation After He is Accused of Killing a Rapist

A teenage girl from Iowa who had been sentenced to five years of probation earlier this year for stabbing to death the man she said had raped her was able to escape the jail on Friday while she was being held in a women’s center in Des Moines. The girl had been convicted earlier this year for stabbing to death the man she said had raped her.

Pieper Lewis, 18, allegedly removed a GPS monitor before leaving the Fresh Start Women’s Center around 6:15 in the morning, as stated in a probation violation record obtained by the Des Moines Register. Lewis was on probation at the time. This data was extracted from the report that was provided.

The judge issued an order in September mandating that she serve five years of intense probation under stringent supervision as well as provide restitution for $150,000 to the family of Zachary Brooks, who was 37 years old at the time of the incident.

Lewis said that she killed Brooks in a fit of rage two years ago after he sexually attacked her many times while she was just 15 years old. Lewis stated the assaults occurred when Brooks was her boyfriend. Brooks was the one who got stabbed in the incident.

The fact that Lewis was a victim of sex trafficking was not contested by the prosecution; nevertheless, they contended that Brooks was asleep when he was stabbed and did not pose an immediate risk to the community.

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Lewis was ordered to pay $150,000 to Brooks’ family, which was met with widespread outrage; despite this, the judge presiding over the case noted that “this court is presented with no other choice” since restitution is required by law in the state of Iowa. It was required of Lewis that pay the money.

An online fundraising effort on GoFundMe was used to collect well over half a million dollars, which was the amount that was required to pay the reparations.

Because Lewis entered a guilty plea to the charges of involuntary manslaughter and purposeful injury, the maximum term that could have been imposed on him was twenty years in prison. The decisions about the sentencing for those who were found guilty were delayed by the terms of her probation.

Her deferred judgments should be removed, and she should be punished to the initial amount that she was awarded, according to a probation violation report that was made public on Friday, as reported by the Des Moines Register. This information was included in the report that was disclosed.

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