Terms & Condition

It is our goal to provide our visitors with original and high-quality information by upholding the highest standards of professional journalism.
It is understood by all authors that if they do not abide by these terms, their article may be rejected without further notice.
In order for us to enter into a contract with you, this policy must be agreed to in writing.
Articles must contain original and unrepeatable material.
Copyscape and other plagiarism detection technologies should be able to detect no trace of plagiarism.
To be considered by our editors, only content that has never been published before should be submitted.
It’s critical that you deliver high-quality content to the people who will be reading it.
The author or contributor’s account may be terminated or cancelled if an article is found to be plagiarised.
Evidence and Claims
Be certain that all claims and figures have been examined thoroughly before they are included in the article.
Clients will not accept inaccurate or partial information.
We only publish information that has been independently confirmed and is already in the public domain, and we don’t post anything else.
Links to relevant websites are required for previously published facts, statistics, or claims.
Make every attempt to back up your claims with solid evidence.
You can include images, graphs, and screenshots to back up your claims in your writing.
Avoid making a claim if you can’t locate any reliable evidence to support it.
For us, it is critical that each content you write for us serves a specific audience.
You must have a clear goal for your piece if you want it to be worthwhile.
For us, it is essential to keep our readers abreast of the latest developments in various industries and technological advancements.
Items must be neutral and not used to promote a particular currency, industry, or business. This is essential.
The act of promoting a product or service.
Using a piece of literature to promote a company, product, or individual is not acceptable.
The headlines and subheadings of your articles, as well as their content, must be clear and objective.
Links to articles that promote a particular company, currency, or individual should be avoided.
It is strongly discouraged for us to include commercial links in our articles.
We’re not writing for the general public but rather tech and business professionals.
A solid understanding of current technologies and business processes is vital for your material to be useful to your audience.
We’ve made it our goal to keep them up to date on the most recent developments in business and technology.
Consider who your target audience is before you start writing an article.
The essay was accepted after a lengthy review.
Only the magazine’s editorial board has the authority to accept or reject articles.
Without a stated reason, our editors can accept or reject a piece of work.
If one of our essays is published, we hope it will frighten away the people who make the decisions in our company.
The board’s judgments are final and inviolable for authors.
I report for a living and must.
Don’t rely solely on your own sources when reporting for us.
We believe it’s critical to verify the truth of each of our platform’s news posts before they go live.
You must have evidence to back up all of the facts and figures you cite in your post.

We ask that you adhere to these standards in accordance with our editorial policy.

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