This Thanksgiving Travel Season, You Won’t Be Alone

Thanksgiving Travel Season: This year has seen a record number of one million passengers pass through the Santa Barbara Airport, and authorities warn that Thanksgiving week is already experiencing heightened traffic levels.

The Travel Period Around Thanksgiving

As a consequence of the normalization of travel that has taken place as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is anticipated that the number of people traveling over the next Christmas season will grow. This will be seen at airports, train stations, and on highways.

According to Angi Daus, the marketing supervisor at the Santa Barbara Airport, the airport has already shattered the previous record of one million passengers for the year as of October. This means that the airport is on track to surpass two million passengers for the year.

According to Daus, the number of available seats on airlines has increased by 22% to handle the spike in passengers. This increase was made to accommodate the surge in passengers. This is made possible by flying larger planes into and out of Santa Barbara. Daily, the airport sees around twenty flights take off.

She claimed that the airport had already seen an increase in the number of travelers one week before the Thanksgiving holiday and that this trend continued into the following week.

According to Daus, travelers who are flying out of the Santa Barbara Airport should make preparations to be at the airport two hours before their scheduled departure time to ensure that they have enough time to clear security and check-in. This is of utmost significance for travelers who will be checking their luggage and who will be leaving their automobiles at the airport’s parking areas.

She let Noozhawk know that the motto for the upcoming holiday season will be “come early and be prepared,” and she said that she would be spreading the word.

_Thanksgiving Travel Season
_Thanksgiving Travel Season

The Pacific Surfliner will make some temporary adjustments to its timetable, as stated in a press statement that was published by Amtrak, to meet the anticipated increase in the number of people who would be traveling in the days leading up to the holiday weekend.

Amtrak will begin enforcing a requirement that tickets for rides on the Pacific Surfliner be reserved in advance beginning on Wednesday and continuing through November 28. This measure is being taken to better accommodate the anticipated volume of passengers beginning on Wednesday and continuing through November 28. In addition, the corporation will put into operation an increased number of railway carriages as well as shuttle vehicles.

To earn a full refund for your trip, you will need to be at the station at least 45 minutes before the time that it is scheduled to depart, travel on days that are not considered to be high travel times, and cancel your trip if it becomes necessary.

Amtrak officials also recommend that passengers limit the number of bags they bring on board to no more than two per person, with each bag weighing no more than 50 pounds and measuring no more than 28 by 22 by 11 inches; limit the size of their bags to no more than 28 by 22 by 11 inches; and cancel their trip to receive a full refund of any unused tickets (Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday of Thanksgiving week).

There are not going to be any closures of highway lanes in Santa Barbara County during the week of Thanksgiving, as stated by Alexa Bertola, who is the spokesperson for Caltrans District 5, according to the information provided by Caltrans.

She suggested that drivers who were going to be traveling for an extended period double-check the condition of their tires, brakes, and windshield wipers and that they leave themselves plenty of time to get to their ultimate destination.

If you are heading northbound from Santa Barbara in that area, please be advised that both of the Gaviota rest stops on Highway 101 are now closed and undergoing reconstruction.

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