The Man Who Was Fatally Stabbed In Indio Is Named By The Coroner’s Office

Christopher Galvan, 39, was identified as the man who authorities believe was fatally stabbed by a family member during a dispute in Indio last month. The incident is believed to have occurred during a disagreement between family members. Christopher Galvan has been determined to be the individual who passed away, as stated by the Riverside County Coroner’s Office.

In response to a dispute that occurred between family members on November 26 at approximately 6:48 p.m., police in Indio were called to the 82-900 block of Via Venecia. At the location of the crime, the investigators found the bodies of three men who had been stabbed. They were sent immediately to the hospital, but unfortunately, Galvan did not make it through his stay there.

The Man Who Was Fatally Stabbed In Indio Is Named By The Coroner's Office

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On Tuesday, Ben Guitron, a spokesperson for the police department, stated that the conditions of the other two victims have not changed since the initial investigation. One of them had been in critical condition the day following the stabbing, but their condition has now improved significantly. The suspect, Anthony William Pia-German, who is 34 years old and hails from Indio, is reportedly related to both the victims and the suspect, as stated by the police.

After being located in El Centro the following day, which was exactly one day after the stabbing, Pia-German was taken into custody by law enforcement officials. Documents obtained from the detention facility indicate that he is being held on suspicion of having committed murder as well as attempting to commit murder. He is scheduled to make an appearance at the Larson Justice Center on Friday morning at 8:30.

The communities of Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City, which are found in the western portion of the Coachella Valley, are the focus of the reporting done by Ani Gasparyan.

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