The Murder Investigation of Alexis Gabe in the Bay Area Has Received New Information

Human remains were discovered in California this week, and officials used dental records to establish they belonged to Alexis Gabe, a 24-year-old who went missing in 2016. Human remains were discovered in California last week, and officials used dental data to verify their authenticity.

New Details Have Emerged in the Bay Area Inquiry Into the Death of Alexis Gabe

Officials stated on Monday that dental data were used to determine that the human remains discovered in California last week belong to a missing 24-year-old woman from Oakley, which is a small town on the eastern fringe of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The disappearance of Alexis Gabe, who is believed to have been murdered by her ex-boyfriend Marshall Jones, was initially reported in January. This sparked a search for Alexis by law enforcement, her family, and the community at large. On Thursday, after more than nine months of searching, a tourist from Alaska using a metal detector along Jackson Road near Plymouth, a town 40 miles east of Sacramento, came across what he thought were human remains and alerted officials, according to Detective Tyler Horn of the Oakley Police Department, who spoke at a press conference. Plymouth is a town in Placer County, California.

The crime scene was quickly cordoned off, and on Friday, authorities conducted an exhaustive search of the surrounding area. They found human remains just off Jackson Road. According to a press release issued by the police department on Friday, a forensic odontologist confirmed that the remains were indeed those of Gabe.

“When Detective Horn called me and asked for the phone number of our dentist, I felt something was wrong,” the witness said “During the press conference, Gabe’s father, Gwyn Gabe, made the following statement. “On Friday night, they came to our house to inform us about the discovery that they had made. Even though it was our hope to locate Alexis and give her a proper burial, it was heartbreaking to learn that neither of those things had happened. The breaking of our hearts was far worse than we had anticipated being the case.

In addition to Gabe’s skeletal remains, the location where they were located also contained pieces of earrings, duct tape, and rubbish bag fragments.

The Murder Investigation of Alexis Gabe
“Based on images of Alexis wearing the earrings, it was concluded that they belonged to Alexis,” Horn stated after the discovery of the earrings.

According to Horn, the state in which the bones were found did not provide any clues regarding the cause of death. Even though no further bones have been discovered in the immediate vicinity of those along Highway 16, Horn said that detectives “are certain that her remains were separated from one another and spread to other regions.” On Friday, the Oakley Police Department said in a press release that none of her remains were ever located in their search efforts.

On January 27, it was discovered that Gabe had not returned home after spending the day at Jones’ residence in Antioch. A report of his disappearance was filed that day. The members of Gabe’s family started looking for her and eventually found her vehicle parked on Trenton and Carrington in Oakley with the keys still inside the ignition. They thought this to be unusual and reported it to the authorities, who started looking into it as soon as they received the information.

After Gabe was reported missing, the 27-year-old Jones, who had recently moved from California to Washington state, became a prime suspect. Jones was slain in June by federal agents in Kent, Washington, who were attempting to serve him with an arrest warrant at the time of his death.

“The purpose of this press conference is to focus on Alexis and her memory and try to provide some measure of closure for those who have been impacted by her disappearance,” Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard said at the press conference on Monday. “The purpose of this press conference is to focus on Alexis and her memory and try to provide some measure of closure for those who have been impacted by her disappearance.” “I am completely aware that there are concerns and inquiries surrounding other individuals in this matter,” the speaker said.

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