The New Minato Namikaze Manga: How to Read It for Free Online and in English?

One of the most significant mangakas in Shonen history, Masashi Kishimoto, has once again demonstrated why. A new spin-off of the Naruto story, written by Naruto’s father, centers on Minato Namikaze, better known as the Fourth Hokage, and details the development of the Rasengan as well as Minato’s loving relationship with Kushina Uzumaki, the former Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi and mother of Naruto.

The 55-page manga “Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral” is simply amazing. In order to choose the audience’s favorite character and dedicate his own narrative to him, Masashi Kishimoto and his team conducted a survey for the anime’s 20th anniversary.

New Naruto Chapter Release Date

Keep a watch out because Masashi Kishimoto has a lot of surprises planned for us this summer, including the Minato manga. After a time jump, Boruto will make his return on August 19th (can we talk about Boruto Shippuden?) additionally, four new special episodes of the Naruto anime will premiere on September 3.

Pierrot Studio, the production company behind the original series and this revival, has made it clear that they won’t be summaries but rather 4 chapters with entirely new material. It’s unclear what story they’ll tell or where they’ll fit into the Naruto timeline, though.

The tweet below confirms the news:

One of the most thrilling periods of the year is approaching for those of us who grew up with Shonen, however, we are unsure of their length (specials are occasionally a little longer than regular episodes). We can only hope that it will resemble this tribute, which Pierrot himself created a few months ago:

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