The Nh Man’s Death has Ruled a Murder Because of Blunt Force Trauma

The Nh Man’s Death has Ruled a Murder: Authorities say the 83-year-old man who was found dead in his Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, home on Wednesday died from a head injury caused by a blow, not a gunshot wound as police first thought.

Murder was Determined to Be the Cause of Death for the Nh Man

An old man, age 83, who was discovered dead at his house in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, on Wednesday was determined to have died as a result of a head injury that was brought on by a blunt force. This conclusion was reached after an autopsy was performed. There, the body of the deceased guy was found. At first, the police believed that the guy had been shot to death and that this was the cause of his death.

The statement that an autopsy had been performed on the body of Robert Prest was released on Friday by the Attorney General of New Hampshire, John M. Formella, the Colonel of the New Hampshire State Police, Nathan Noyes, and the Chief of Police in Lyndeborough, Rainsford Deware. All three of these officials work for the New Hampshire State Police. On Center Road in Lyndeborough, just before 9:30 in the morning, the lifeless body of Prest was discovered inside his home where he had been living.

However, the autopsy that was done on Friday revealed that the cause of death was blunt impact head injuries; his manner of death has been deemed a homicide, and the reason for death was decided to be blunt impact head injuries. The cause of death was determined to be blunt impact head injuries. On Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office (also known as the AG’s office) referred to Prest’s death as a gunshot death. However, the autopsy that was done on Friday found that blunt impact head injuries were the cause of death.

The police are continuing their investigation to determine if or not there is a connection between the murder of Prest and the murder of Carlos Quinton in Brookline, which took place on Wednesday morning in Brookline a few hours earlier. Both murders took place on Wednesday.

Quinton, aged 44 and suffering from gunshot wounds, was discovered at a residence on Townsend Hill Road in Brookline three hours before the body of Prest was discovered at the same site. It was urged that the authorities arrive and offer assistance. Following the infliction of injuries against him, he was sent to a medical facility to receive treatment for the issues he was experiencing there. He is currently being held at the medical center for observation.

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The Nh Man's Death has Ruled a Murder
After it was determined that Robert Gagnon was the person responsible for the incident, he was placed under custody and charged with attempted murder. On Friday, he appeared before the judge for his arraignment. Even though he was held in preventive custody without the ability to post bail, officials have stated that he has the right to request a bail hearing at a later date even if he was not given the chance to post bail while he was being held. This right continues to exist even though he is unable to post money at this time. It was not possible to obtain information on either the upcoming court date or the attorneys who were involved in the case right away.

On Wednesday, the authorities stated that they had grounds to assume that the two crimes were related; however, they did not provide any other information on the nature of the connection; instead, they simply stated that they had grounds to assume that the two crimes were related. On Friday, the police announced that they will be continuing their investigation throughout the entire weekend to gather additional information.

There is a possibility that the town of Lyndeborough can be found in the southwesternmost of the state of New Hampshire, to the west of the cities of Manchester and Nashua. About 1,700 individuals call this location home at any given time.

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