Paul Pelosi Said the Suspect Was on a Suicide Mission, Authorities Claim

This is all about the case of Paul Pelosi’sthe Suspect Was on a Suicide Mission Statment about the Suspect Was on a suicide mission: According to court records, the man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer claimed to police that he was on a “suicide mission.”

What the Police Say the Suspect Did Was Engaged in Suicidal Activity

The man accused of bursting into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house and pounding her 82-year-old husband’s skull with a hammer informed first responders that he was on a “suicide mission,” and had a target list of other politicians and their families, authorities claimed.

David DePape, 42, told responding police officers and medics at the Pelosi house that he “didn’t intend to injure” Paul Pelosi, according to court filings filed Tuesday by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office and reviewed by Insider.

“But you know this is a suicide mission,” DePape added, citing the complaint. “I’m not going to stand here and do nothing even if it costs me my life.”

DePape also knew that he would be captured on video at the Pelosi property since he noted that there were ring cameras in the home, the lawsuit alleged. Read also: Netanyahu is Close to Making a Comeback, Ex-pm Wins Narrowly in Exit Polls

When questioned if he had any more attack plans, DePape identified many targets, including state and federal leaders and their families, as well as a local professor, the prosecution claimed. Those persons were not identified in the filing by the San Francisco DA’s office.

DePape faces a plethora of state counts, including attempted murder, burglary, elder abuse, assault with a dangerous weapon, and the attempted kidnapping of a US official.

the Suspect Was on a Suicide Mission
He also faces two felony charges from the Department of Justice: one count of assault of an immediate family member of a US official with the intent to retaliate against the official on account of the performance of official duties, and one count of attempted kidnapping of a US official on account of the performance of official duties. Read also: The Chief Justice Stops Giving a House Committee Trump’s Tax Returns for Now

DePape stormed into the Pelosi residence about 2 a.m. on Friday through a window in the back door of the property, seeking for Nancy Pelosi while equipped with a hammer and zip ties, said the filing by the San Francisco DA’s office.

However, he found Paul Pelosi instead, who was asleep in his pajamas, according to the lawsuit.

Paul Pelosi managed to contact 911, and police officers came to watch the elder man and DePape wrestling for control of the hammer, the lawsuit stated.

 DePape hit Pelosi’s head with the hammer, following which officers tackled the defendant and disarmed him, authorities claimed. The police then learned that DePape had packed another hammer, a laptop, and extra zip ties in a backpack, the lawsuit alleged. Read also: After North Korean Missile Tests, South Korea Declares an Air Raid Alert

DePape has pled not guilty to the accusations levied against him. Another hearing for his case was to be scheduled on Friday, but DePape withdrew his right to attend, citing CNN.

If convicted on the state counts against him, DePape would face between 13 years, eight months in jail, and life in prison, citing the San Francisco DA’s office.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins stated on Monday that based on DePape’s admissions following his detention, his attack at the Pelosi mansion was “politically motivated.”

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