The Walmart Killer Left a Death Note and Bought a Gun on the Day He Killed

The Walmart Killer Left a Death Note: Authorities stated on Friday that the Walmart supervisor who fatally shot six of his coworkers at a shop in Virginia had purchased the pistol only a few hours before the shootings and that he had also left a message on his phone blaming his coworkers of making fun of him.

The Killer at Walmart Left a Death Note

The Walmart supervisor who killed six coworkers in Virginia bought the pistol hours before the shootings and left a message on his phone accusing coworkers of ridiculing him, authorities said Friday. “Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I swear things just fell in place like I was lead by Satan,” Andre Bing said in a letter left on his phone, the Chesapeake Police Department said Friday. Police said Bing bought the 9 mm pistol used in the Tuesday night incident that morning and had no criminal record. They provided a copy of his phone note that seemed to redact the identities of certain persons he referenced.

Bing wrote that he was hounded and driven to the edge by a belief that his phone was hacked. “My sole desire was to start again from scratch and that my parents would have paid greater attention to my social deficits,” he wrote. Bing was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. Bing was challenging and nasty, according to survivors. One survivor said Bing targeted victims and shot at them after they were hit.
Jessica Wilczewski said Bing, a team leader, entered a shop break room to start the nighttime shift late Tuesday and started the fire. Wilczewski saw Bing target specific persons, unlike another witness who stated he shot widely.

“The way he was acting—he was going hunting,” Wilczewski told The Associated Press on Thursday. “He picked folks out by looking at their looks and doing what he did,” Wilczewski said being a new employee may have saved her. After the filming started, Bing instructed her to get out from under the table. “Jessie, go home,” he said after seeing who she was. The rampage has baffled former employees and residents of Chesapeake, a city of 250,000 on Virginia’s coast. Bing’s death letter rambles over 11 pages, including songs and unconventional cancer therapies. He wrote, “I would have never killed someone who invaded my home.”

He wanted a wife but wrote he wasn’t worthy. Bing, 31, was known as an assertive, if not hostile, supervisor who acknowledged having “anger issues.” He could make people laugh and looked to be dealing with the usual work stress. “I don’t think he had many friends to fall back on in his personal life,” said Nathan Sinclair, who left Walmart earlier this month after almost a year. “We would be like ‘work is overtaking my life.'” “And (Bing) would be like, ‘Yeah, I don’t have a social life anyhow,'” Sinclair said Thursday.

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The Walmart Killer Left a Death Note
Sinclair said he and Bing clashed. Bing was “verbally nasty” to staff and unpopular. Sinclair admitted Bing was mocked. The victims were Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; Fernando Chavez-Barron, 16; and Tyneka Johnson, 22, of Portsmouth. Chavez-identity Barron’s was disclosed Friday due to his age. Two more shooting victims were hospitalized Friday, officials said. One is important and the other fair to improvement. As customers stocked up for Thanksgiving, the gunshot wound six individuals just after 10 p.m. Police estimated 50 individuals were in the business.

Bing was a Walmart overnight team leader from 2010. Police reported one weapon and many magazines. Walmart employee Briana Tyler stated the 15–20-person overnight stocking team had just met in the break room to discuss the morning strategy. Tyler and Wilczewski stated another team leader was conversing when Bing entered and started the fire. Virginia saw two big shootings this month. Three University of Virginia football players were fatally shot on a bus on Nov. 13 during a field trip. Two more pupils were hurt.

The Walmart shooting comes days after a Colorado Springs gay nightclub massacre that killed five and wounded 17. Tuesday night’s incident recalled a 2019 Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas, that killed 23. Police reported a Lumberton, North Carolina Walmart shooting on Friday that left a victim with non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators called it an isolated fight between two acquaintances.

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