The Wedding of Tiffany Trump Was Not Without Its Share of Minor Complications

The Wedding of Tiffany Trump: The wedding of the Trump who is now largely forgotten took place over the weekend that was by far the most comedic option available.

Celebration of Tiffany Trump’s Wedding

Always odd was when Tiffany Trump decided to tie the knot. Did she not anticipate that the weekend of November 12 would follow Election Day, which her father, Donald, would have a vested interest in, when she choose that date? Did she have any doubts, or did she walk into the wedding thinking it would be the culmination of a perfect week?

Why would she go through with it while knowing that the Republicans wouldn’t do well if she had any type of foresight? Or, was she hoping no one would notice her wedding because everyone would be too preoccupied with the midterm elections?

Whatever the case may be, on Saturday, Tiffany Boulos married Michael Boulos, heir to the apparent goldmine that is his father’s company, Boulos Enterprises, at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s estate in Florida, after a week in which the ex-president saw his party turn in the worst midterm election performance in 20 years and many of the candidates he endorsed lose their races.

The mood leading up to the wedding probably wasn’t very upbeat. “You tell me my ex-friend the governor of Florida won his re-election by double digits on the day of my daughter’s wedding?” We do, Mr. Trump.

This situation appears to fit Tiffany’s theme all too well. Her wedding would be overshadowed by her father’s devastating political defeats as he prepares (maybe, who knows) to announce a deranged run to take back the presidency. She is the least well-known of the Trump children, though she is the only adult Trump child not being sued for fraud by New York’s attorney general.

Tiffany and Mike’s timing has always been off. On Trump’s last day in office, they made their engagement announcement. Trump has always denied that he lost the election for president and has made great efforts to avoid having to resign. Naturally, on the day of the party, as her guests were mingling and boozing, the results of the Senate race in Nevada were announced, giving the Democrats control of the chamber. * Many have quipped that Tiffany should consider Nevada her “something blue.”

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The Wedding of Tiffany Trump
Trump is seen in several images at the event giving the thumbs up, yet some media have said that the event was everything but successful. For the past couple of days, “he has been agitated and yelling like a raging bull,” a source told People magazine. Even if the rest of the Trump family was present and seems to be smiling in photos, I have my doubts that Don Jr., Tiffany’s half-brother, wasn’t fuming (when is he ever not?) or that Ivanka was doing anything other than smiling and suffering it.

To no avail, Tiffany’s team attempted to divert attention away from the Trump family scandal and toward the wedding. “We are focusing on this holy wedding and greeting cherished friends and family, not on politics,” Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, said to People. (A classic figure from Trumpland!) From 1993 through 1999, Maples and Trump were married.

What a shame, considering the event had a lot of potentials and was even able to go place after Tropical Storm Michael. It was just good fortune that I met Nicole. Tiffany looked stunning in an Elie Saab gown with long sleeves in honor of her new husband’s Lebanese ancestry. Even though she had to stand next to her ex and the woman he married after she did, Maples, who was also wearing Elie Saab, looked stunning.

The hydrangeas floored the Palm Beach Daily News, whose report on the wedding may be the finest or at least the one with the most personality while being strangely anti-Marla.

Regarding Marla, though, one particular aspect of the nuptials was the wedding cake. Maples told People that the cake was a replica of the one at her and Trump’s wedding, which stood at 7 feet tall. Why, after what happened, would the pair want to do it all over again? Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr.’s fiancée, was dressed in… black, which may have been a problem.

Every single woman in the Trump family, whether they were told to or not, wore a light color to the wedding, and there has been widespread conjecture that Tiffany’s half-sister Ivanka deleted Guilfoyle from an Instagram photo she uploaded because Guilfoyle’s outfit stood out too much. No Trump scandal would be complete without a little petty bickering. Finally, we were treated to a rare glimpse of Barron, who is now over 10 feet in height—a wonderful way to end the day.

We may have to do this again in a few months, since rumors have it that Tiffany is contemplating a second ceremony abroad, probably in Greece. It’s likely to happen at the same time as more bad news for Trump. Is a charge of any sort imminent?

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