The Whitmer Plan Would Give State Taxpayers Inflation Relief Checks

Michigan’s new governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has the plan to combat inflation, and it entails writing a check to every state resident.

The discussion of tax rebates and tax reductions for citizens has been complicated by Whitmer and her two Democratic leaders. An “inflationary rebate cheque,” as it is being called.

Each Michigan taxpayer would receive a check in an amount still to be determined. In comparison to the Republican plan to reduce the state income tax rate, which some analysts argue will not result in any tangible benefits, this one may have more street cred.

In terms of money saved, the GOP proposal is preferable, albeit you’ll have to wait until you file your taxes to see the effects. Thus, a physical check as opposed to a theoretical tax break.

Governor Whitmer hopes that if the Republicans back off their income tax rollback, which she opposes, they would be forced to support the other parts of this package, which she supports, namely the tax relief for seniors and the aid for low-income families.

It adds an interesting twist that can swing the argument one way or another. When Republicans have had time to process the governor’s action, we’ll hear their reaction.

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