Three Accused in Bomb Assault on Two Police Officers

Three Accused in Bomb Assault on Two Police Officers: Mount Carmel Heights was the location of the explosion, which took place while the two officers were out on patrol in the neighborhood. Three men have been taken into custody by Co. Tyrone police as part of an investigation into the attempted murder of two police officers in that county.

Three Accused in Bomb Assault on Two Police Officers

Three males have been detained by police in Co Tyrone in connection with an investigation into the attempted murder of two police officers. On Friday night, detectives from the Terrorism Investigation Unit conducted several searches in Strabane and subsequently detained three males, ages 36, 36, and 28. The individuals were all charged under the Terrorism Act.

On Thursday, while on patrol in Mount Carmel Heights, a device exploded at the side of the car occupied by two police officers, generating a “strong line of inquiry” into possible involvement on the part of the New IRA. Earlier, PSNI assistant chief constable Bobby Singleton claimed that the incident’s location in Strabane and the dissident republican breakaway group’s participation were both possibilities.

Neither cop was hurt in the incident, but over a thousand locals were put on high alert and several kids missed school on Friday because of it. The police have stated that during their subsequent searches, they located what may be the control wire for the IED.

Mr. Singleton stated that the police who were out on normal patrol due to persistent antisocial behavior in the area were “shaken” after witnessing a flash and hearing a loud blast. He further mentioned that when the officers returned to the station, they discovered their patrol car had been damaged by the explosion. As a community, we are thinking most of all of the two police officers who were here (on Thursday night) to do their jobs.

“Thankfully, all that transpired last night has done is leave them shook up, but we are evaluating this as a real attempt to murder those policemen,” the spokesperson said. He declared, “There is evidence of what we consider to be a functional explosive device. While no police officers were hurt, the attack was “extremely reckless” and “any member of the public, let alone our police officers,” said the chief.

In response to a question about possible suspects, the police officer replied, “Given the location of the attack and past events, a strong line of inquiry would be the New IRA.”

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Three Accused in Bomb Assault on Two Police Officers
Mr. Singleton stated that PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne had visited with local police in Strabane to express his support. Michelle O’Neill, deputy president of Sinn Fein, called attempts to murder police personnel “reprehensible.” On Twitter, she wrote, “Those responsible for this atrocity will not succeed in pulling civilization backward.”

We must stand together to oppose such carelessness. We must maintain our efforts for peace and progress. “This cruel and clearly pre-meditated act must be roundly denounced,” DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said. Attacks on law enforcement personnel were wrong then, and they are wrong now. One need not resort to physical force if one prefers to avoid conflict.

Northern Ireland will not allow itself to be kept hostage by extremists who want to cause violence and take our civilization backward. Newry, Co. Down is where Taoiseach Micheal Martin was when he heard the news of the attack. He stated, “I only heard this overnight, and we do need greater clarity in terms of what transpired here, and I assume an inquiry is underway.”

However, any effort to harm members of the security forces or the PSNI would be terrible and strongly denounced. To hear that something like that might happen is surprising, if true. “desperate, irresponsible act to murder cops working for the whole community,” the PFNI called the incident in Strabane. “The terrorist purpose was to bring pain and anguish and restore Northern Ireland to the dark ages,” stated Liam Kelly, chair of the PFNI.

We thank God that none of the police officers in the car where these thugs opened fire were injured. In spite of the assailants’ best efforts, their roadside device only managed to injure a few people. Nothing good can come from an act so vile and full of hatred, the speaker said. I’m making an appeal to all cops to increase their level of alertness since the terrorist danger has been upgraded to “substantial.”

Terrorists are still present in our midst, and this incident serves as a sobering reminder of that.

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