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There should always be room for joyous irreverence. While modern bombastic action games normally take themselves seriously, Thunder Wolves places itself solidly in the area of 1980s-style extravagance. Thus, the helicopter combat game appears to be a living fossil, with mechanics and a tone that are wholly out of date.

Tossed in with a heavy dose of nostalgia, it delivers an exhilaratingly unique sensory experience. Thunder Wolves main ingredients include rockets, explosions, heavy metal, and profanity. One of the main characters takes up arms because playing soccer isn’t manly enough, and that’s how the tutorial begins. From that moment on, the game never lets up.

The tone is refreshing. There aren’t many games that can adequately transmit vintage Duke Nukem without breaking the very narrow line marking off the offensive region. Only a few jokes and references go a little too far in Thunder Wolves’ attempt to strike that balance. The cast of voice actors is largely responsible for this achievement. Every character delivers their lines with just the right amount of irony so that the characters’ true motives are crystal evident as you go on 13 missions that are dripping with adrenaline.

Campaign levels are surprisingly varied. Ultimately, they all include shooting stuff with a helicopter, although that gets crammed in with secondary objectives. Some parts of the game take place in bunkers or tunnels beneath the earth’s surface, while others are more like a tropical vacation complete with mercenaries out to get you.

A high level of dexterity is typically required to navigate combat successfully. Antiair missiles, for example, can follow your copter and demand either careful flying or shooting some flares. In later stages of fire, enough ordnance at you that flares become unreliable and precision movement becomes crucial.

Fortunately, the game’s mentality implies that weaponry should be aggressive as well. Each helicopter gets at least one machine gun and a few different types of rockets. Some are guided and quite precise, while others are more like fiery clusters of explosive death and are as enjoyable to wield as that term implies. Most levels contain plenty of foes with a variety of varied vehicles and weapons to keep you on your toes.

They can soon reduce you to a pile of shattered metal since they come at you from all directions. Helicopters, being neither fighter jets nor constructed of magic, aren’t the most agile machines, therefore cautious aiming and accurate aim are much more crucial than in most modern shooters.

Thunder Game
Thunder Game

There is a pretty good array of environments to rip up, although most of your battlegrounds are the typical, contemporary grey and brown tones. It’s intriguing to see where Thunder Wolves goes when it decides to stray from the conventional, boring aesthetic design. There’s a nighttime sniper assignment, as well as a level in which you control a drone through an underground bunker. Such sequences are imaginatively implemented, creating variation in a game that is naturally shallow.

Thunder Wolves is a short show, lasting about two or three hours. There’s online and local cooperative play and the challenge of setting new high scores, but there’s nothing in the way of competitive multiplayer. Even so, this game is more than the sum of its components, providing something refreshing among so many modern military games’ imposed political implications.

Insubstantial, lighthearted, and unconcerned with current events, Thunder Wolves would be better at home in another era. Not only does it not go on for very long, but neither do the mechanics, which are unnecessary in this context. Explosions, helicopters, and a lot of cursing. That’s what you’re going to get. Sometimes, shallow is lovely.

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