TikToker Surprises Viewers When Her Facial Tattoo Fell Off

Some viewers of a TikTok channel were taken aback when the host said her new facial tattoo had “fallen off” in less than a week.

TikTok user ratqueen412 (real name: Aliana) recently revealed that her newly applied ink had inexplicably vanished only a few days after she received it.

Although Aliana has several tattoos on her arms, legs, and face, she was taken aback when her most recent facial tattoo suddenly peeled off.

She said in a video that went viral with over 1.8 million views that the tattoo she received on her face in Fort Lauderdale, Florida “came off” after only three days.

She then revealed the ink that had mysteriously ended up on her finger, and the camera moved to a snapshot of the spot where the tattoo had been on her face.

TikToker surprises viewers when her facial tattoo fell off

How the Internet Reacts When a Woman’s Face Tattoo Comes Off

Many commenters implied that Aliana’s tattoo dilemma was not uncommon. For example, “Nobody believes me when I say my thigh tattoo fell off,” which was posted by a user.

Another person chimed up, “My finger and the back of the ear and arm did the same.” In response, another person said, “That occurred to a star on my foot only I woke up without it and it was attached to my blanket.

An article from Inked Mag claims this might happen if a tattoo is “done improperly or put in a problematic spot.” As a result, the tattoo may fade more quickly, and the pigment may come off.

While it is true that some peeling of skin during the healing process is to be expected, the magazine stressed that if the artist doesn’t dig deep enough, the tattoo “won’t stick and will be more prone to quick fading.”

The TikToker stated in the comments that the tattoo artist had not gone deep enough the first time and that she has now had it redone.

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