Tokyopop Expands Manga Lineup with 6 New Titles

Tokyopop revealed that seven new manga titles have been licensed for publication under its brand-new romance manga imprint LoveLove during its panel at Anime Expo on Tuesday. In 2024, the following manga series will debut:

Never Let Go

  • Creator: Saki Sakimoto
  • Release date: January 16

Haruto gets transferred after getting into trouble at his prestigious alpha school. His new class is abuzz with excitement about this new kid, but Miyabi, the president of the student council, is the only one who mocks him.

Although they clash because of their different personalities and situations in life, they are drawn to one another. Furthermore, Miyabi is helpless in the face of Haruto’s alpha pheromones.

Send Them a Farewell Gift for the Lost Time

  • Creator: cocomi
  • Release date: January 16

Naruse was consumed by his passion for Toui, his literary boyfriend, for four years. But after growing weary of his flimsiness and lack of dedication, Naruse decides to end the relationship.

He at least makes an effort. They appear to become emotionally entangled and end up sleeping together every time he encounters Toui. They argue and fight, and then a pang of remorse follows. Perhaps they are destined to end their relationship. Perhaps all it requires is a fresh approach.

I’ll Never Fall in Love With an Egoist!

  • Creator: Emu Soutome
  • Release date: February 20

Aohara is a playboy; for the horny, especially for a top like him, life is an endless summer with no time for relaxation.

Masaki has been pursuing Aohara nonstop, and Aohara is annoyed by Masaki’s insistence on being on top and placing Aohara at the bottom. Masaki is affable and soft-spoken, though, so Aohara finds it challenging to reject his approaches.

Cover My Scars With Your Kiss

  • Creator: Io Amaki
  • Release date: March 5

Seto physically crashes into well-dressed businessman Kurusu while sobbing over a broken heart. Kurusu confronts Seto for the cause of his distress and demands the two go to his posh apartment to remove the coffee stains. From there, things get complicated.

Kurusu suggests they extend their agreement should the two run into each other again later. Seto is wary of falling in love again so quickly, but she can’t help but be drawn to this successful, attractive, and compassionate man.

Heat x Beat: I May Be an Omega, But I’m Going to Be an Idol!

  • Creator: Ken Homerun
  • Release date: March 19

Asahi is ecstatic to be the newest member of the boy band B-Marks because all he wants in life is to be an idol. Except for one minor distinction: Madoka, one of the other members, is an alpha, while Asahi is an omega.

Asahi accepts a “friends with benefits” arrangement in order to satisfy their hormonal desires without being committed since they insist on remaining unmated in order to remain devoted to their following. He intends to do that, at least.

Rooming With My Two Lovers

  • Creator: Anji Seina
  • Release date: March 19

Summary: Meet Atsushi, a vulnerable musician who struggles to make a living. Shiki, his hairstylist, suggested that he move in with her and a buddy one day.

It sounded like a fantastic idea, at least, until Atsushi’s ex Enraku revealed herself to be the buddy. They had a passionate love affair that ended badly. Can the three of them put their former relationships back together again?

My Love Will Last Until the End of Time

  • Creator: Nanako Haida
  • Release date: March 19

Hiroto, a college student, is aware of his prior existence. He was once the heir to the throne and had a passionate love affair with a commoner. Then, one day, their relationship was brutally severed.

When these memories resurfaced, he was still a young boy, and ever since then, Hiroto has been looking for his beloved Mika in this world. He promises that they will find happiness together this time.

Fate pulls them back together, but Kou, Mika’s reincarnation, is unaware of his past existence.

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