Tom Brady Then and Now: Has Tom Brady Gone Through Plastic Medical Procedure?

At home or on the field, Tom Brady refuses to give way to the passage of time. Even at 44 years old, when most players his age have already given up, the quarterback is still one of the most incredible in the NFL.

Whatever the case may be, Brady’s continued success on the field has solidified his position as the game’s all-time great. Brady’s life is always under scrutiny as he attempts to find success as a football player, and the smallest details of his existence are scrutinised in remarkable depth.

Has Tom Brady Gone Through Plastic Medical Procedure?

Brady’s face, which has maintained its youthful appearance despite his advanced age, appears to be the consequence of several relatively small procedures performed over many years.

While the quarterback says that his diet and workout routine, commonly referred to as “TB12,” are responsible for his youthful appearance, it’s possible that his youthful glow is the effect of plastic surgery.

Brady was the subject of a Twitter thread that examined the world’s change since he won the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001.

The tweet was posted by a user with the handle @KosmeticKrys, who describes herself as a “plastic medical treatment specialist” but works hard to disprove this.

The first image in the string is a comparison of Brady’s first and tenth Super Bowl appearances, which span a period of twenty years. It seems like there’s a clear difference in the pictures.

Tom Brady Then and Now
Tom Brady Then and Now

Nonetheless, the series continues with a close inspection of all of his headshots taken over the years, noting everything from subtle shifts in his hairline to major alterations to his nose and facial structure. If you go through the collection of photos, picture by picture, you can see that there have been developments throughout time.

Fans, Specialists Respond on Twitter to Brady’s Plastic Medical Procedure Hypotheses

Fans were quick to take to Twitter with their reactions to every development involving Tom Brady. Many participants in this discussion agreed with the earlier string and acknowledged that Brady had undergone plastic surgery:

Experts are also commenting on Brady’s comments about cosmetic surgery. New York plastic surgeon Jennifer Levine appeared and gave her opinion on the medications Brady may have used over the years:

We have no doubt that Brady has undergone some long-term hair enhancements. It’s impossible for a guy of his age (43) to have such a healthy hairline, regardless of whether he chose PRP treatments or a complete relocation.

The Alabama dermatologist Corey Hartman compared photos of Brady taken when he was 24 and after this year’s Super Bowl victory, when he was 43. According to Hartman, “I suspect a little assistance from a dermatologist however it’s fine.”

Brady’s Wellbeing and Way of Life Strategies Have Been a Disputable Theme Previously

Although Brady now lives in sunny Florida and appears to be in good spirits, his methods of taking care of his body during his 2017 season with the New England Patriots sparked some controversy.

Brady’s fitness coach, Alex Guerrero, wasn’t on the Patriots’ staff back then, but he was well-known in the league. At the time (2017), Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had promised to reduce Guerrero’s presence within the group, which had put a strain on Guerrero’s relationship with Brady.

With Brady paying more attention to Guerrero’s instructions as a fitness coach and less to the evaluations of the group’s primary care specialists, Belichick was not pleased with Guerrero’s impact on his quarterback. Belichick attempted to place strict boundaries on Guerrero’s time with the Patriots, and this eventually became a problem for his veteran quarterback.

Obviously, whatever Brady is accomplishing for his well-being (or face so far as that is concerned) is by all accounts turned out great.


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Brady is unbreakable. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is as good as ever after winning his sixth Super Bowl.

He seems younger than when he first became a pro.

Brady’s weight loss is notable, and photos illustrate how wonderful he looks at 43.

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