Top 20 Best Osu Skins

Invented by Dean Herbert, Osu is a free-to-play rhythm game.
More than 15 million people around the world have signed up to play the game.
The Osu skin importer lets you use skins created by other users.
Skins are a great way to alter the look of the game completely.
You can customize your Osu experience with one of the thousands of available skins.
There are many different apps out there, but just a select number are widely used.
There are other, less well-known skins, but some of them are just as good as the more well-known ones.
The 20 most popular Osu skins in the game’s history, based on how popular they were with Osu players, are shown below.
Starting with the most popular, “1,” the list goes down to the least popular, “20.”
The URLs to each skin’s download page are below (provided by
A list of the top 20 Osu skins is provided below.

1. dokidokilolixx

Superior Osu skin
Osu skin in pure white by Dokidokilolixx
The skin may be downloaded at
A total of 879,8k views were tallied.
There have been 587,8K downloads so far. Evaluations: 398

2. – YUGEN –

Osu’s skin color is green.
By Garin, an Osu! Green Tea skin. Chinese philosophical books use the character Ygen to denote “dark,” “depth,” or “strange.” This skin may be downloaded at In total, 825,9k people have viewed the video, and 514,3k have downloaded it. Evaluations: 137

3. Varvalian

Healthy Osu Skin
Osu skin in blue by Varvalian The skin may be downloaded at The video has been viewed 492,710 times. A total of 279.1k downloads were made.

81 reviewers have given their opinion.

4. New Retro Wave

Osus’s skin color is pink.
This gentle pink Osu skin was created by dlwnstns99 and is adorable.

Access the free skin at:

To date, there have been 451,710 views.


With 80 positive reviews, this book is highly recommended.

5. clearblack

Detoxifying the Osu
The EasyModo Black and Clear Osu skin

Click here to download:

To date, there have been 367.5k views.

A total of 214.3k downloads were made.

Ratings: 36

6. Rafis

Skin sourced from Rafis Osu
Rafis’s white and yellow Osu skin.

Here’s the link to get the skin:

With 298.7k views, this video has been viewed a lot.


Approvals: 34

7. FlyingTuna Selyu v2.2

FlyingTuna Selyu (v2.2) has been updated.
Selyu Osu skin from a Flying Tuna (v2.2).

The skin may be downloaded at

‘Thirty-eight thousand views

Views: 177k

Opinions: 43

8. AS – Zero Two

Osu’s skin number is 0 2.
skin for 0.2 Osu (red) by dlwnstns99 (also the creator of the New Retro Wave skin).

This skin is a tribute to Zero Two, a character from the Japanese anime Darling in the Franxx.

She is a “machine” developed by humans with human aspirations.

Here’s the link to get the skin:

Audience: 282,8k

Get it here: 153.6k

The tally is 66 reviews.

9. Cookiezi 29

Cookiezi Osu make-up.

Access the file at:

Over 236k people watched it.

With 121,900 downloads, it’s clear that this is quite popular.

31 total evaluations

10. Selyu v2.2

The New and Improved Selyu v2.2
This beautiful Selyu v2.2 Osu skin was created by FlyingTuna.

Download page URL:

The video has been viewed by over 202.1k people.

120,000+ Downloads

Opinions: 20


The Osu! skin for Minecraft
As one of the most played games in the world, the sandbox game Minecraft has inspired this Osu skin.

The downloadable skin can be found at:

The number of views has risen to 213,4k.

The sum of downloads: 118,100

Opinions: 79

12. Informous

Confidential Osu Skin
Informous presents a red and white Osu skin.

For the free skin, click here: to download.

186,3k pageviews


Responses: 12

13. Miraie III

Skin M3 Osu Miraie
A Keio Osu skin in a pink and white color scheme.

This skin can be downloaded at

213k+ viewers

To date, there have been 114.1k downloads.

There were 37 reviews posted.

14. BeasttrollMC

Skin for the Beasttroll MC, in blue Osu
This Osu skin is blue and white.

The skin may be downloaded at

The video has been viewed by over 199,600 people.

To date, there have been 95,600 downloads.

Fifteen reviews were found.

15. azer -ite

blue Osu hide.

This skin may be downloaded at

The video has been viewed by over 165,000 people.

Total number of downloads: 93,4k

Opinions: 28

16. FlyingTuna MathiTuna

It’s the MathiTuna FlyingTuna!
A hide from a Flying Tuna, or MathiTuna, or Osu.

To get the skin, go to


Over 76,000 copies have been downloaded thus far.

Ratings: 16

17. -Megumin2K-

Based on Megumin, this Osu skin features a deep violet background with a red and blue color scheme.

Megumin is a made-up character who is only known to people who have read the Japanese novel series KonoSuba.

She is a member of the Crimson Magic Clan and wields a brown staff adorned with a dangling ruby red stone.

You can get the free skin here:

Overall, there were 152.9K views.


17 reviews were found.

18. – ! + ytgrs + ! –

The Osu have skin that is both pink and blue.

Skins are available for download at

There were 141,008 views.

More than 70,000 Downloads

Approvals: 34.

19. Cookiezi 10

This Osu skin is blue and white.

Here’s where you can get the file:

More than 132,000 people have viewed this.

In terms of downloads, we’re at the 66.3k mark.

Opinions: 28


This Osu skin is designed after the one used by Arifureta and features black and white colors.

Among Ryo Shirakome’s works is the Japanese light novel series Arifureta: From Common to the World’s Strongest.

After being teleported to another world, the show’s main character, Hajime Nagumo, uses his basic magic skills to stay alive.

The J-Novel Club and Seven Seas Entertainment have obtained the licenses and are printing the novels.

Here’s where you can get it:

13,650,000 pageviews

The number of downloads is currently at 65,9k.

Responses: 12


As can be seen from the table, downloads are concentrated in the top two skins.

There have been more than a million downloads of both skins combined.

Is there a skin there that ticks all of your boxes?

If so, you can get a copy by going to the download page., an external resource, offers the download links.

Please take note that the websites and are in no way connected to the “osu!” or “ppy” communities.

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