Unleash the Laughter with Netflix’s Best Comedy Movies

Currently, we could all use a good chuckle. As the world continues to be depressing, people should turn to Netflix’s ever-changing comedy section to escape the news. There are a few originals that will remain on the streaming behemoth, but what about the studio comedies that come and go?

How can you maintain track of the locations where you can find laughter today? This continually updated list of the finest Netflix comedies is here to assist you.

Easy A

Year: 2010
Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes

This witty comedy from 2010 launched Emma Stone’s career and has earned a devoted following over the past decade. The story follows a high school student who, in an unexpected twist, becomes known as “The Stalker” after pretending to have sex at a party. It has a clever script, but what truly propels it is Stone’s sudden star power.


This Is the End

Year: 2013
Duration: 1 hour and 46 minutes

Based on a short film about a group of dumb friends who find themselves at the end of the world, this comedy marks the directorial debut of the creators of the critically acclaimed Superbad. In this hilariously off-kilter film, Rogen stars with his former best friend James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and a slew of other talented actors.


The Edge of Seventeen

Year: 2016
Duration: 1 hour and 44 minutes

This great coming-of-age dramedy stars the lovely Hailee Steinfeld as a high school junior in the Portland suburbs who has to face some harsh realities about love and the stupidity of grownups. Steinfeld’s portrayal of Nadine, who is going through a hard patch after her father died, is both heartfelt and hilarious. Woody Harrelson and Haley Lu Richardson also had great cameos here.


Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Year: 2020
Duration: 2 hours and 3 minutes

Why did it take so long for the fantastic, shameless extravagance of the Eurovision Song Contest to be satirized? It was well worth the wait, as Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams had hilarious performances as two inept Icelandic singers who manage to completely upend an international singing competition. This film is so unabashedly silly that it can be enjoyed by people of any culture.


The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Year: 2021
Duration: 1 hour and 53 minutes

Sony had originally intended on releasing this in theaters (as the much worse title Connected), but they sold the rights to Netflix during the flu epidemic. and eventually came to regret it. This is a comedy about a father and daughter’s sensitive connection that centers on their needing to save the world together, and it’s one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed animated films of 2021.


The planned sequel will differ from the original in a few key ways, but otherwise, it will have the same comic action, high-speed chases, and a lot of comedy of mistakes. Will you be tuning in to the season premiere? Please share your thoughts with us by using the comment section below. For the most updated information on this and other upcoming series, please visit our official website at journalization.org.

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