Children Who Identify as Transgender Are Not Allowed to Get Medical Care in Florida

Transgender Are Not Allowed to Get Medical Care: On Friday, two Florida medical boards handed the guidelines that prevent children from obtaining gender-affirming treatments for the treatment of gender dysphoria its final approval. This is one more step before the state bans puberty blockers and surgery for minors.

Why Transgender Are Not Allowed to Get Medical Care

Florida’s medical boards passed a regulation Friday that bans gender dysphoria treatments for kids. The restriction includes a nonsurgical exemption for children currently receiving treatment. Infringing doctors might lose their licenses.

Florida’s medical boards are the first to ban such services. Arkansas and Alabama passed similar regulations, but families sued and judges blocked both from taking effect pending litigation. Arizona lawmakers enacted a ban this year, but campaigners have promised to challenge it.

Multiple professional organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association, and the Endocrine Society, approve puberty blockers and hormones for gender dysphoria. Puberty blockers and hormone treatment can lower mental suffering and suicide risk in transgender youth.

Preventing young people from obtaining care might have “tragic health repercussions,” the AMA’s leader stated. Despite this, Florida’s hardline authorities have pushed to ban transgender youth. This year, Republicans tried to outlaw it but failed in committee.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo published guidelines in April suggesting young people shouldn’t be allowed to socially transition by using a different name, pronouns, or clothing style or receive gender-affirming medical care such as puberty blockers or cross-hormone therapy.

Ladapo petitioned the medical board to develop a standard of care for gender-affirming care in June, citing “extraordinarily inadequate” data. At least eight of the 14 board members were selected by DeSantis, according to a Tampa Bay Times investigation.

Transgender Are Not Allowed to Get Medical Care
Transgender Are Not Allowed to Get Medical Care

So close to the midterms, Democrat Anna Eskamani accused the board of exploiting the vote to boost DeSantis’ reelection. The joint board heard from 16 speakers — eight for and eight against the regulation — before voting.

The Board of Osteopathic Medicine will enable new patients in clinical trials to obtain care, whereas the Florida Board of Medicine will not. There will be two criteria for the state’s 57,354 medical physicians and 7,842 osteopathic doctors. Osteopathic doctors give drugs and conduct operations, but they emphasize preventative care rather than treating symptoms.

David A. Diamond, a radiation oncologist, and medical board chair were one of three dissenters. All specialists agree that more high-quality clinical research is needed, Diamond added. “Let’s investigate it….” Let’s show the world how to help these people. We’ll never know.”

The board decided after an emotional October committee meeting. Proponents of the ban traveled in from around the country to testify before the committee. Many had undergone trauma and felt transitioning would improve mental health issues. They stated they regretted cross-sex hormones and surgery. Only 2.5% of transgender kids detransitioned within five years, according to Princeton researchers.

Chloe Cole, 18, from California’s Central Valley, began transitioning at 12 and had a double mastectomy at 15. She “severely regrets” the operation. Cole said she wants to be a mother but can’t naturally feed her children. Beautiful breasts. They were burned for nothing.”

Cole is one of the movement’s most notable speakers. She’s testified in Louisiana, Ohio, California, and D.C. She spoke at Matt Walsh’s “Rally to End Child Mutilation” last month. One Florida committee member claimed Cole’s statement was enough to bar children from getting treatment.

Fifty trans rights activists attended the gathering, and several signed up to speak, but only Jude Speegle was allowed time. Speegle recited the names of 17 trans kids who “chose suicide over being rejected” Committee chair Zachariah P. Zachariah called the meeting short after Speegle ended. After the audience grumbled that Zachariah had prohibited them from speaking, he told them to email him.

“Their blood is on your hands,” the mob chanted. Longtime board member Zachariah donated a $25,000 gift to Friends of Ron DeSantis in May.

He responded, “Okay.”

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