Biden, Trump Back Pennsylvania Senate Candidates Before Elections

Biden, Trump Back Pennsylvania Senate Candidates: On November 5, 2022, in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a campaign event for Democratic governor candidate Josh Shapiro and Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Also in attendance was former President Barack Obama.

Vice President Biden and President Trump Boost Senate Candidates in Pennsylvania Before the Midterms

U.S. President Joe Biden told voters in Pennsylvania that a Democratic loss in Tuesday’s midterm elections would have “decades” of consequences, while Republicans including his predecessor Donald Trump predicted a sweeping victory.

The biggest names in U.S. politics — Biden, Trump, and former President Barack Obama — visited Pennsylvania on Saturday, hoping to tip the balance in a pivotal midterm Senate race between Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Republican celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.

“Folks, three days, three days until one of the most important elections in our lifetime. The outcome is going to shape our country for decades to come, and the power to shape that outcome is in your hands,” Biden told supporters at Temple University in Philadelphia.

“It’s a choice. A choice between two vastly different visions of America,” he said. At a rally in Latrobe, southeast of Pittsburgh, Trump listed a litany of grievances with Democrats, ranging from the party’s handling of inflation to education curricula his supporters view as too progressive.

“If you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the American Dream then this Tuesday you must vote Republican in a giant way,” Trump said.

Trump, who sources say is preparing to launch a third consecutive run for the White House, continues to falsely claim that his 2020 defeat by Biden was the result of widespread fraud. Multiple courts, state agencies, and members of his administration have rejected that claim as untrue.

Trump Back Pennsylvania Senate Candidates
Still, opinion polls show a significant number of Republican voters accept the claim, as do many candidates for Congress, governor, and state offices overseeing election administration. “We are going to take back that beautiful house,” Trump said of the 2024 presidential race. Obama warned supporters in downtown Pittsburgh that last week’s attack on Paul Pelosi was the result of hateful rhetoric.

Obama said demonizing political opponents and saying crazy things creates a dangerous climate. Republicans claim Democrats engaged in political violence in 2020’s anti-racism protests. Sunday, they criticized Democrats for ignoring inflation and crime, two of voters’ top concerns.

Oz criticized Fetterman and Biden for not supporting domestic energy and pledged to fight inflation if elected. As your next senator, I’ll lower gas and grocery prices, he wrote. Trump was in Pennsylvania to support Republican Senate nominee Oz and Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. He’s also maintaining his profile as he considers another White House run.

Some Democrats say heavy losses for Biden’s party Tuesday could increase pressure on the president to step aside in 2024. The Fetterman-Oz Senate race is one of three that will determine whether Democrats keep their razor-thin Senate majority and the power to confirm Biden’s Cabinet and Supreme Court nominees.

Republicans are heavy favorites to win the House, while the Senate is a toss-up. Republicans could block Biden’s legislative agenda and launch damaging investigations if they control even one.

Biden warned in Philadelphia that if Republicans won, they would attack Social Security benefits and undo prescription drug price legislation. Biden: “They want to undo everything we did.”

According to the U.S. Elections Project, more than 39 million Americans have already voted. Close elections, such as the Pennsylvania and Georgia Senate races, may not have final results until days after Tuesday. Both parties have focused emphasis on Pennsylvania because of its strategic importance and its voters’ history of party switching in the last four presidential elections.

Oz has narrowed Fetterman’s advantage in the previous two months. Local factors: Fetterman’s speech was impacted by a stroke this spring. His debate performance last month was weak, even according to allies.

Oz’s victories also reflect a countrywide momentum shift toward Republicans, as voters’ attention on inflation and crime has outlasted worries about abortion. In Georgia and Nevada, Democrats’ early leads in Senate elections have either diminished or disappeared.

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